Palmerston North, New Zealand (city overview, English subtitles)

Hello everybody! My name is Denis from Kiwi Education. We are in Palmerston North city on North Island. The city is about 150 km far from Wellington and 500 km from Auckland. Let’s know more about the city. Palmerston North is a small city with a population of 85 000. About 79% of the population belong to European ethnic groups, about 16% are Maori and 10% are Asians. Almost a half of the populations are students or employees of education providers, that’s why Palmerston North is called student city. The second largest sector of economy is agriculture and animal husbandry. Because of these two factors, the city became a center of scientific research and technological development in that particular industry, which local authorities are very proud of. By the way, there is the first New Zealand wind mill, built in 2003. Fifty five turbines provide electricity to 40 000 houses in the Manawatu Region. Palmerston North has main transport routes of North Island, that makes the city a convenient logistics hub. There are headquarters of some famous companies, such as Toyota New Zealand, FMG Insurance, Higgins Group and others. By New Zealand standards, Palmerston North is a quite affordable city with average cost of housing 300 000 NZD. The average annual salary varies from 50000–60000 NZD. The city is mostly located on the plain and has quite convenient roads. The average temperature is 23°C in summer and 9°C in winter. Comfortable conditions and convenient city planning made bicycle a very popular vehicle. There are many parks in the city and its surroundings. Palmerston North offers different bars and cafes for students who enjoy hanging out and meet friends. Forty minutes away from Palmerston North, there are beautiful beaches on the West coast, and in the opposite direction to the East, you can find more beaches which are two hours away from the city. By the way, if you are visiting the city, we recommend you pick the Manawatu Gorge track to feel the energy of the incredible New Zealand nature. New Zealanders love various cultural events and festivals, and we are visiting one right now – International Spring Festival, which is organized by IPU. Here you can find people from all over the world and know more about their culture, history, dances and traditions and try their traditional cuisine. Besides cultural and outdoor sport events, there is a race track with regular competitions between different vehicle classes. Auto racing is loved by local families. There is also Te Manawa museum with interesting art, scientific and historical exhibitions. Massey University, one of the biggest New Zealand universities, has the main campus in Palmerston North. The campus possesses a vast area and looks like a separate city inside Palmerston North. Massey University faculties, such as veterinary science, agricultural technology, forestry, design and nursing, are in the top 100 in the world. Palmerston North has governmental institute UCOL as well, which offers many specializations. One of the other important education providers here is private institute IPU New Zealand, where about 400 students study business and communication programs for reasonable prices every year. This is Julia, she lives in Palmerston North, and she will tell us about living here. Hi, Julia! Hi! Could you tell us how you moved here? I came here to study at Massey University 4,5 years ago. I was admitted to Master’s program with specialization in Environmental Protection and Biology. Interesting! Indeed! I was studying for one year, as I was enrolled directly to the second year of the program, that included a research project and thesis. After that I decided to stay in this amazing city and my husband and I settled down here and found a job. So, that’s why we are here. How much time did it take to find a job? It took about 7-8 months. At the beginning it wasn’t easy at all. There is a New Zealand saying: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. So, it takes some time to meet new people and make business contacts and only after that, when people know you and what you can do, the job search becomes easier. So, where did you find the job? First, I started working in public environmental agency, it was similar to what I used to do in Ukraine. Then, I became an ecologist at waste recycling plant in Whanganui, not far from here. But I actually worked from home. In a year, I found a job in the city council of Palmerston North. I am working in public relations, which I am very happy about. This is a really good job. I have great colleagues. It is in the city council, right? Yes! Then you can tell us for sure, how Palmerston North differs from other cities? The city council has recently announced some changes and they have a new vision for the development of the city. The city is small, but it offers lots of opportunities: easy and quick transportation, great parking and low traffic. At the same time, the city offers many job opportunities. There are education providers, big companies, like AgResearch. People here are very friendly. The city council develops plenty of programs for newcomers and students. One of your job responsibilities is to develop the city, right? Yes, that is right! About 10 people in our department work in public relations. We have to understand what people want for their city or public organization and help them to implement plans in real life. In general, you would recommend Palmerston North for families, who prefer peaceful and simple life. I do recommend it for families, as well as for students, because there is a unique study environment that helps you to focus on studying. Even the mayor of Palmerston North greets new students in person twice a year. It is something unusual. I think more and more students will come to Palmerston North in future, which is amazing: young people have lots of energy and ideas! I think that would be great! Thanks! Thank you! All in all, Palmerston North seems nice and cosy city with peaceful and simple lifestyle. This is a right place for students, who want to experience real New Zealand and get a quality education for reasonable prices, and families, who prefer easy way of life far from big cities. Thank you for watching! My name is Denis. See you next time!

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    Поэтому для тех кто ищет работу без визы, приехав на языковые курсы например, рекомендую искать вакансии именно в таких городах.

  5. Смутило кое-что: 79% европейцы, 16% маори, 10% азиаты – это как-то больше 100% заметно уже)

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