47 thoughts on “Palestinian scholarships will not involve public funds, says Education Ministry”

  1. i work in a private university, private universities give out millions of ringgit in scholarship to both international and local student. why?? to get exemption from tax, instead of paying tax, they show how good they are at helping people. This is just basic PR, and yes, private universities function like a company. But why sponsor international students?? why not spend all 100% of the money to local students?? this is because a good university needs to diversify its student in order to become a good "international" university. They need a certain number of students from asia, africa, europe, middle east to maintain the 'standard'. you cannot have 'international' uni when all graduates are malaysians!!

  2. Pity Malaysian tax payers. Most of Malaysia income comes from Income tax “Rakyat”hard earned money.

  3. Do for ur own local people first…….. Than think about outsider……. Because many of our kids needs held….. Don't forget Malaysian brought PH in power not outsider…

  4. Billions of ringgit have been provided to Malaysians, yet when small amounts of scholarship are given to Palestinians(by private entities), we make a fuss !!! Come on Malaysians, why so selfish !!

  5. Ini lah akibat nya bila perdana menteri pakai lampin pakai buang yang memimpin😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Bagus…carilah semua sumber2 n anak sendiri di berukkan. Bila kita nak stop kutip duit lah..bwk pelarian lah mcm2 cari glamour padahal rakyat sendiri nak blajar x mampu..jadi pelarian di negara sendiri. Bila nak sedar..MALAYSIANs FIRST????

  7. So many poor Malaysians cannot even get scholarships to further their education; but we are giving scholarships to foreigners. How do you expect these young Malaysians to be loyal to own country when they cannot even progress in their education; be it that the funds of the scholarships come from tax payers or private bodies in Malaysia.

  8. If that say not in public fund, simple is that, the private fund can help our Malaysian student, why won't do that?

  9. Where the fund comes from? You dint answer the question..
    Yes the private institute give fund n scholar to our local & eligible students..
    You mention competition? Why?
    Is Palestinians will work becomes citizen here in future as well?..

  10. ‼️What you are saying⁉️⁉️⁉️Not public fund, cakap tak guna otak, where the hell the money come from❓❓❓you print your own money for it‼️‼️‼️🤬

  11. Let PH NGOs donate more food and medicine to a more deserving Umnah, Yemen which is hammered by Saudis using Allah given wealth to buy neocon Zionist arms which are used against many Ummah beside Palestine like in Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq. Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and most importantly, against Iran. Most ridiculous of all is that Ultrarich Jibby and his warlord cronies in BN and PAS had received a lot of Saudis donations.

  12. Top scorers from palestine my foot…own top scorers citizens deosnt get enrolments to further the studies and current gov cant find a sensible solutions for it.
    But, current gov is more worried and wasting time on how to get the palestinian educated.
    Firstly, they should look into solving our own problems and thats the main reasons we all voted PH for the betterment of Malaysia.

  13. Well, what is the proof? As the new gov policy is transperancy…show us the blady proof.
    Sorry, malaysian tax payers money is not to spend for others, even our own citizens who scored good grades deosnt get a enrolmernts at Uni.
    All this act is due to the religious and racist sickness that still at large especially in Malaysia, we as tax payers has all the rights to ask for the proof…we dont simply buy your stories.

  14. We are very disappointed on PH now, we thought PH can do all the best but finally we find out is worst.

  15. Anyhow rakyat tidak diutamakan. The situation now in Malaysia is not allow weather is from government or private sector fund. Most important is Malaysian first.

  16. People really think this "scholarships" exist do they?
    Palestinian government always sponsored 50% to for their students to study abroad.
    From what i can see, this thing is just a mere marketing ~

  17. Why you people did not rise funds give scholarship to Malaysian students and dissolve the PTPTN. The Malaysian students are more needed. If you people really have a great noble heart to help unprivileged people, help the Malaysian students first. About the Palestinian, we Malaysian never say anything wrong, its good to help them. But, seems you people have all the abilities to raise fund and give scholarship to others, please do that for Malaysian and shut down PTPTN.

  18. If politicians feel like they want to be good samaritans they can use their own money and fund!!! And never ever use this country as their bapak owned country that they can simply bring in thousands of foreigner to live in this country.our ministries and government sector are funded from tax payer money its concern should only be assisting and providing services for Malaysians. My children have to pay back their study loan even when income condition is very bad and jobs are hard to find, and l myself been banned from leavin
    g the country cause I could not pay left over income tax even when my bussines dives! Local universities are very limited in their placement and Malaysians competes hardly to be selected, dont you politicians dare to give it away to non Malaysian except they make profit from the fees just like other international universities. May be many Malaysians do not realize that previous administration during Mahathir time had allowed millions of kampucheas into this country and not to mention Acheh people that are all now given citizenship!!! As if this country own by their own BAPAK

  19. No apologies. No confusion. Its being played up and hyped by non " majority" news portals and liberal groups. They cant stomach the fact of the social contract which they obviously know is a no win situation as per the so called Matriculation issue and so they are aiming now towards the Palestinian issue hoping to gain relevence and sympathy from the majority. The subtle message they are trying to project is still race and religion. Proxy tussles in every issue. Im sure the majority are keeping tab.

  20. "A lot of people" tu merujuk kepada sesiapa? Bukankah golongan ini ada hasad dengki dan berpenyakit hati. Ayuh ..kita bantu rakyat Palestine.

  21. This private institutions better publish their figures for everyone to see, if they have been patriotic to the Nation, if they get big government contracts then feeding these foreigners more than our own local citizens, then we would call into question where their loyalty lies..
    Every one knows that charity start from home first but it seems we have been taught with a different kind of principle with our people after 60 years of rotten UMNO rule..
    There are those black sheep among the white that were in fact wolves in sheep's skin..

  22. Not from the government funding? Then where is it from? From Tabung Harapan? OMG..better shoot down this Pakatan Harapan la.What a disappointment!! Why give others while squeezing out our Rakyat's children?

  23. Exactly from which funds?
    And why are not these funds used to pay scholarships for local non bumis who pay taxes????
    Crazy policy
    PH must be voted out very soon

  24. I was pissed when I thought the gov was using our money but now I know it is from private sponsors so I'm just gonna keep quiet.

  25. oklah……org palestine pun kesian….tapi top scorer malaysia keja guard ok lah…kalau silap bangsa dan agama

  26. so ashamed of selfish people who are so ungrateful to be living in malaysia where at least we have many means to further our study…those palestinians dont even have an independent country! get a life u selfish SCUMBAGS!

  27. dok sebok bagi berjuta biasiswa kt org lain..anak bangsa sendiri dibiarkn merempat..nak blajar xda duit..black list ptptn la..tu la..

  28. She said its not from government funding and continued to say except for 1 which gave 2 scholarships. I smell a fresh can of whoop ass.

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