Overview of the Oregon Department of Education Internet Web Site

Hello friends. Welcome to an overview of
the Oregon Department of Education internet web site. Our web site contains
hundreds of topics and this video is going to briefly show you a sample of
our offerings. Throughout this video you will find related links and annotations
and in this videos comment section below. One of the many places you may choose to start looking for links that are important to you is our Groups page. From this page we’ve identified several kinds of groups of people. These groupings
allow us to create web pages with links associated to those specific groups. The
first of those pages that we will look at is the teachers page. Notice that we
have created subgroups where we gather resources related to each grouping.
Groups include Curriculum and Instruction, Opportunities for
Professional Development, Laws and Licensure, Data and School Improvement,
Meeting All Students Needs, High School and Beyond, Standards an Assessment, and Content Area Teacher Newsletters. Among the many topics found in the teachers
subgroups is the REAL applications suite, which contains popular applications like
Standards by Design, Searchable Standards, and more. Among
frequently visited teaching and learning web areas is the Common Core page, which displays related resources. One of the other popular group pages is the
Students page which contains topics like High School and Beyond, Sports and
Activities, Meeting My Needs, Careers, Resources to Help Me Learn, and
Standards and Tests. The subjects page contains a list of areas targeting
school subjects like Math, Science, English Language Arts, and more. Each
of the subject areas provides helpful related resources. The Oregon Diploma section provides resources directly related to obtaining a diploma in Oregon.
One of the supporting areas of the Oregon Diploma is our Essential Skills
section, which provides details and resources for each of the Essential
Skill areas. Part of being proactive with our education includes evaluating careers and the Oregon Skill
Sets helps students identify essentials needed to determine which careers they
might be interested in and provides resources that help
indicate if they are on the right path or need to make adjustments to head in a
better direction towards a career of their choosing. The CTE reports
application provides career related details that are associated with schools
throughout the state of Oregon. Parents should take advantage of our
Parents group page which contains topics like Meeting My Student’s Needs, Family
Involvement, Schools and Districts, State Standards and Tests, Curriculum and
Instruction, Children with Disabilities, Laws and Rules, and High School and
Beyond. ODE’s Child Nutrition Programs provide several valuable resources to
the state and they target a wide range of nutrition related topics. Since 1997
the Oregon Department of Education has continued to build on the most robust
and timely news model found in our state or any of the other state’s education
related sites. The ODE event calendar provides detailed
event information that helps our visitors to know what, when, how, and where ODE related events are happening. The ODE report page is a great place to
start when seeking specific report areas. ODE Report Cards are our most popular
reports. School and personnel look ups are always favored, and in some cases we
offer various avenues to find the same information. The Institution look up is
tried-and-true and meets the need while others may prefer to use the more visual
school finder. The school directory continues to be one of the most used
methods to locate people throughout the state, while the ODE Staff Search is the
quickest way to find employees working directly in the department. ODE has
actively been expanding its social media areas and human resources continues to
move forward to help us find top-notch prospective employees to join our team. You’ve got questions and we’ve got
answers. The ODE frequently asked questions application can help you seek out a
quick answer and should be your first source when you’re having problems. As we move forward we will continue to strive to improve what we are doing to be the very
best that we can be. This concludes the overview of the Oregon Department of
Education’s website. Thanks for watching!

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