[Music] back to my cargo container yo what’s going on guys poosht here welcome back to the channel today first and foremost guys I want to say thank you so much for breaking the like record that I set yesterday I set a like goal of 10 likes and you guys smashed it we’re currently have 14 likes so I really do appreciate that and I want to say thank you guys so much not only for that but tuning in to the channel today and checking out the content that I have for you today with that said guys what I have for you is the best mp5 class set up after the new 1.12 update in call of duty modern warfare more specifically getting into my gunsmith guys what I’m learning is monolithic suppressor tack laser FSS close-quarters stock 45 round mag and commando for group if you would for a moment take a look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen what you’ll notice is high accuracy range and control now if you guys have seen my other class set of videos you know that I prefer accuracy range and control to be drastically increased within my cloth setup and the reason for this is because on the map shoe house shipment you know very close quarter maps it’s really important to have high accuracy and range and also the control to be able to reduce recoil increased stabilization and ultimately perform at your best for the weapon what’s really nice about this weapon as well is that it has incredibly high 80s speed not only when you’re a me down site but when you’re sprinting tain so with that said guys this weapon caters to a lot of different playstyles personally for me I like to rush as you saw in the intro clips so if you’re looking to do something like that give this class set up a try with that said guys if you aren’t into the channel and you do enjoy the content please consider hitting that subscribe button make sure to turn on that post notification bell see you guys know when I post and also drop a like as well as I would really really appreciate that I’m so thankful for your guys’s support last video I would just like to mention as well for all those new to the channel if you guys are interested in high standard gameplays cloth setup videos tips and trick videos nuclear gameplays tactical nuke gameplays whatever it may be I provide all of that content on this channel I work extremely hard to get these videos out on a daily basis paying very close attention to class setups in high standard game now given that their skill based matchmaking these gameplays are incredibly hard to get sometimes so all of the support that I can receive is really appreciated so with that said once again if you guys enjoy the video at any point please make sure to hit that like button and also subscribe as we are so close to 2,000 subscribers they would absolutely mean a lot to me and I’ll catch you guys in the next video Oh get our feet all wrong walk No are they brother Ciroc is Oh how did I [Music] I should have 80 kills


  1. Ayo what's up bro hope you're doing well its late for me right now (3am) so I can't try it out yet but can't wait much love my guy #KRNGPOOSHT

  2. Damn, #godly, this might be the best fury kill I've ever seen my man. Awesome gameplay brother, you never fail to impress. Much love <3

  3. Yo I’ve been following your content for a while just kinda got into MW your classes always fye🔥🔥 just like the bo4 classes keep up the effort you underrated

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