Our Future Depends on Critical Thinking

the global economy is evolving at a pace never seen before emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence machine learning and robotic automation are rapidly changing the nature of what will be needed of the workforce in the future some studies suggest up to 50% of current jobs could be replaced by automation in the next 15 years drastically new skill sets will be required to address market needs and it has never been more important that our students are taught to think critically so they are able to effectively adapt for the new economy at mentoring mines we believe that children taught to think critically will grow into adults prepare to face an uncertain future where advances in technology automation and artificial intelligence will drastically change the economic and job landscapes that's why we pride ourselves on being the authority on critical thinking not just by giving educators the definition but by empowering educators to teach critical thinking to their students I invite you to visit mentoring Minds calm to learn more about our products on our website you can also chat with one of our specialists and watch more informative videos on the 9 traits of critical thinking think up foundations team think up and our think up math think of science and think up ela our products in partnership mentoring Minds school leaders and educators will teach our next generation to think up

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