OSHO: I Am Not a Teacher

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  2. شكرا وأنا سعيد جدا لأنكم نشرتم الفيديو وهو مترجم إلى اللغة العربية.

  3. Ou seja o mestre demonstra aos seus discípulos que se você quer aprender sobre qualquer coisa terá que fazer por si só, evitar os caminhos fáceis e deixar que outros o guiem.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this excellent video.
    Omly the being can be remembered him by himselve. Greetings.

  5. "If I give you something, I may spoil ur being"-only osho can do this to his people. No dogma, rules or enforcement. Pure knowledge and inspiration

  6. I learned from this man a lot and the most important lesson I learned to be a human being before anything 🕊💛♥️

  7. Osho chose to be vulnerable…he had been a professor in his early life but he chose to discredit his own identity…
    How beautiful! I love you Osho!

  8. I should have got an opportunity to spend some time with such a person…
    Today….finding such a person…is impossible..or next to impossible….

    Can't find a Zen Master like Osho…

  9. All this depends on how much we accept or give pass to the colonial matrix of which contrives our way of life at this time. Our leisure is but the cushioned handle of a bloody sword used against the innocent and pure. We can form ourselves or draw our being from any type of energy, that of the source of compassion, that of the warrior spirit, that of the colonials overlord. Separate and purify, many different paths it is limitless the real point is to recognize that we are forming ourselves into what will continue on, or not.

  10. What a Master! Thank you very much for your authentic words and silence ! What an experience? Thank you lots my beloved bhagwan! Loves you lots!

  11. Osho, Sadhguru, and Jiddu Krishnamurti are amazing beings unconditioned by society. There are/Has been many more but there are too many to name.

  12. अद्भुत अविश्वसनीय अकल्पनीय ओशो के विचार सुनना अपने आप में एक अमृत मई परिभाषा है धन्य है जो ओशो को फॉलो करते हैं


  14. He was a genius of his own time, some things he talks about are still timeless and always will be, but when he speaks about social things i often notice it does not fit into today's society anymore, at least as far as the developed societies go. Social things always change and it quickly becomes irrelevant.

  15. Being a medical student and after watching tons of drug addicts in hospital one thing I can assure Osho was into drugs. If not: then something into strong sedative. His eyes and his spokewoman confirmed it to ''60 minutes''. AND here he's talking non sense about buddhists monks.

    A normal novice theravada buddhist monk has to follow ten rules. Gradually after years of lessons and practice when he gets promoted to full monk then he has to follow something like 200 rules only if he is a hard liner and super devoted to his ultimate goal to attain nirvana i.e. supreme enlightenment.
    Now about that 33 k rules he was talking about it's only for the monks who have become arhants i.e. the level just before attaining nirvana.They are the rarest. May be one in a billion.

    This one single example proves how shallow his knowledge about other religions. The WEST was and always has been deprived of spirituality AND people like Osho had taken that chance to spoil their (westerns) ignorance about spirituality. That's the brutal truth.

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