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you you you you you you you you you welcome ladies and gentlemen to the University of Portsmouth graduation ceremony this is a day of celebration for us all before the ceremony begins we would like to share a short video highlighting some of your university achievements that make us proud sighted nervous belief adventurous my very first day at Portsmouth there was a mixture of trepidation I was moving away from home for the first time it was quite daunting I had been in a place that many people buy and that soon flips around because I realized everyone else was more scared and you are my fondest memories of my time at Portsmouth have been the friendships that I've made and also just being inspired in the lectures it was so exciting to be at uni and be straightaway in like a live broadcast environment and that first initial memories has sort of sparked something that I hopefully I'll get to new freshmen are I learn to be independent here I learnt to push through any challenges and barriers but I had it's definitely made me a confident young lady that can go forward now and I wouldn't really hesitate to take on anything in life when I studied a geography degree which on the face of it doesn't seem though it would be applicable is about the skill sets and how that set me up for a future career you can see all these that you learn at university that course works the methods you've learned to use I feel that there is a cement helped me a lot in my everyday life the emotion efforts when I was sitting in regression world was something surreal it was the end result of a lot of hard work I can remember all of those days sat down with me I don't understand what I'm writing about here or I don't know how to reference thinking back to how far I've come along the whole journey and then handing that piece in and then receiving the results it was a very special moment it's been an amazing experience if I could do it all again I would at the time the eyes of all Smurfs I think it helped me realize my ambition I came in a normal working-class girl from reading I think I found my voice when I was at Portsmouth since I graduated from Portsmouth I haven't been able to keep away I've kept in touch with alumni T Russell volunteering with them so I've been back a couple of times through Facebook lives I've hosted some events the careers and employability they went above and beyond and to know that they were there for five years after fish university helps with pressure of the real world I've benefited from the prospect of scholarship and I think that has been amazing them both making it easier and less stressful to go and do a master it's an end of your journey in Portsmouth horses will always be here for you and as an alumni there is so much more to offer what excites me the most about future is that I can be part of what I was thinking of being that when I starting University actually make those bridges in those buildings and say I've done this I've done that and feel quite great I am incredibly proud to always be part it has passed myself as part of who I am today it's made me who I am today and to be able to go back and keep giving back is great you you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is an important day in the life of the University a day to celebrate the success of our graduates it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the ceremony and to formally declare this congregation of the university open please be seated Vice Chancellor University colleagues distinguished guests ladies gentlemen and graduates of the class of 2019 I'm Chris Chang pro vice-chancellor of the university of portsmouth and it is a great privilege for me to be sharing this precious moment with you our graduands and with your parents partners families and friends congratulations you made it to graduate in your chosen field is a tremendous achievement congratulations on preserving and getting to this day but as I'm sure you have been told many times this is just the beginning of a new chapter it shouldn't be taught of ending when you leave here hopefully this will be the start of a lifelong learning experience for you we are immensely proud of your achievement take the time to enjoy the moment as I'm sure in the years to come you will look back on this day with great affection at this moment I know you will be experiencing a great range of emotions relief that you've made it pride in your abilities a sense of reward in the recognition of your qualification and perhaps also a sense of excitement trepidation and expectation as you think ahead to the next leg of your journey and what adventures and opportunities that will bring many of you will not be sure what those next steps will be you need to find your passion and that spark that ignites it as Joyce Lee did not know doneita said one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself right here right now in this single solitary monumental moment in your life is to decide without apology to commit to the journey I'm sure there have been times when you wondered whether you would succeed by being here you're proven that you have succeeded thanks to your determination and hard work while the sole credit for your academic achievement is clearly yours I'm sure you would agree that those close to you have played a crucial role parents partners children and friends have all helped by providing the encouragement and support the shoulder to cry on The Listening year but most of all they've kept faith in you and build you to succeed same is true for the staff in the university who have inspired and supported you during your time here I think it's appropriate that you our graduates should give a very loud cheer in the ruptures run applause to thank your family friends and staff who are here today now the thing to notice that this is being broadcast not just outside in Gil host graph but literally around the world so I would like you to give the loudest clap and the Rob just applause and here on the count to three one two three [Applause] thank you it is important that you show your appreciation to your parents and it is tough for them they come to the ceremony as parents but they go home as contemporaries after 23 years of child rearing they become unemployed or do they today you're graduating from a university that is recognized as part of the global elite of universities a university that's a catalyst for change and which has a strong sense of energy flexibility and dynamism a University committed to providing the very best student experience an experience that leads our graduates to make a real contribution to society be proud of your University and is ever improving credentials we are recognized as a goal Award institution by the teaching excellence framework ranked 21st in The Guardian League table and our graduate outcomes of students in employment or full-time study within six months of graduating is at ninety seven point five percent we are in the top 10% of higher education institutions in the country for employability and further study and the top in a southeast of England your graduating today from University that's preparing you for the world of work and ensuring you are able to follow the footsteps of our earlier graduates who have made their place in the world including our own Chancellor Karen placket and the astronomer astronomer as to not Tim Peake be proud of your achievement and achievements of your University we are a research led University with world leading research our staff are making groundbreaking discoveries which have an impact on our communities professor john mckean working with colleagues from the US has engineered an enzyme which can digest some of our more commonly polluting plastics providing a potential solution to one of the world's biggest environmental problems this is attracted worldwide interest and is secured as funding of five point eight million from the UK government our researchers from our Institute cosmology working with international collaborators on the dark energy survey has confirmed the discovery of the most distant supernovae a huge cosmic explosion that took place ten point five billion years ago they have also secured a two million grant from the UK science and technology facilities Council to Konya continue this work our research is brought ranging and diverse but many are focused on practical applications in the real world we are also committed in providing excellent facilities for our community this month we formally opened the university's future Technology Center a 12 million facility designed to teach engineering and computing in a new way we have also broken ground on our new support facility which will be the first facility with a swimming pool that will be rated as climate excellent in the UK you are entering into a world that's facing great political economic and cultural change new prime minister in a week's time brexit Trump in the US and all the other global issues of climate change terrorism inflation and technological disruption amid all that you may be thinking about finding your purpose in life you don't have to worry about your own purpose your Millennials and you will find that instinctively the challenge is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose more importantly as you embark on your career be reminded of the words of Steve Jobs who said your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life don't let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice and most importantly have the courage to follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know what you truly want to become everything else is secondary your Possible's qualification has real value in the wider world and provides the age that will be vital to tackle the many social and economic challenges that all countries face it is innovative and creative graduates like you who will make the difference in building a successful and secure future true studying with us you have been part of a global university with students coming from over 150 countries both on campus and with our partners in Oman Greece Malaysia Singapore India and the Cayman Islands there is no doubt your degree is valuable but of course it is your personal enthusiasm passion and creativity that will now propel you forward and we want to continue to be part of your future aspirations today is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with your University as members of the Postma's family we want you to continue to engage with us through our excellent Alumni Association and through our employability and Careers Service which will provide support for you up to five years after graduation please note you are also the second cohort of graduates who will be asked to take part in the Graduate outcomes survey 50 months after your graduation this is undertaken by independent company nationally you will be contacted and asked questions about your career paths since leaving us please do engage with this survey we always strive to improve and this survey will give us the vital information to help us do just that but please remember that in graduating today you are part of a privileged minority that has had the advantages of a university education with that privilege comes responsibility please reflect upon your obligations as graduates of our University you are the trustees of the skills and abilities you have developed I urge you to use your talents to help enrich society and to make a difference for the benefit of others raise aspirations among all those you encounter and set an example in behavior and achievement that others will seek to emulate no pressure of course but you are the future and I would encourage each one of you to grasp the opportunities which will present themselves find your passion and be ambitious seek to discover and make an impact like your university do not settle for second best thank you [Applause] vice-chancellor the university has resolved to confer the award of doctor of the university honoris causa upon Sara Kennedy vice-chancellor ladies and gentlemen graduands my name is Paul Hayes and I'm the deputy vice-chancellor at the University and it's my great privilege to spend a few minutes telling you a little about our honorary graduate Sara Kenney Sara Kenny's career has in large part been driven by her desire to make a difference a really early inspiration was to make a difference to the environment while still at school she regularly volunteered to for work experience with what was then the National riffles rivers authority where in the days when there was less of a focus on health and safety she worked in the laboratories and in the field taking modern water samples from rivers and streams testing the blood of fish and visiting sewage treatment plants to test the effluent she loved every minute of it and was inspired to study environmental science at university after graduating Sara worked for the Ministry of Agriculture fisheries and food in the fisheries research Directorate this allowed her to apply everything she'd learned but also and very importantly to see how business government and politicians use policy process and data to make decisions she learned very quickly that it's never as simple as just knowing the science during this period she was able to spend many weeks at time at sea sometimes is the only woman in all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios she has fond memories of being on the Irish Sea and washing watching whales play just a few feet from the ship and going swimming out and sea on a stunningly calm day until the ship's captain shouted looked down where there was a huge shark a few feet below her fortunately it was a basking shark they feed on plankton not people Sara's move from Fisheries to defense was not really planned but followed a move to the south coast with her partner where she joined the defense evaluation and research agency as a project manager she was inspired and intrigued by the amazing work undertaken there she applied her background to good effect by designing environmental systems for war ships and submarines culminating in being the UK technical adviser to NATO on environmental compliance issues not that everything always proceeded smoothly one of her favorite stories relates to when they fitted a submerged membrane bioreactor to one of the type 23 frigates it worked brilliantly and gave the ship substantially better operating capacity than others while also being far better for the environment but and this is an important book it relied on the crew using low foaming and biological cleaning products this was fine at sea but when the ship returned to Portsmouth a significant member of the royal family was due to visit and the ship had to be immaculate so the crew forgot everything they've been told and used every cleaning product Under the Sun to clean the ship this cocktail of chemicals reached the bioreactor foamed catastrophic ly shooting a huge amount of what can best and most politely be described as brown foam all over the aircraft hangar roof and it was cleaned off just in time for the royal visit leaving Sarah to run down the gangplank at the other end of the ship in her now very brown overalls just as the royal visitor arrived even though she was having such fun and those are her words Sarah decided that the bits of the job she enjoyed most for spending time with customers winning new work and delivering big projects so she hung up her lab coat did some management training and then took off took on business after business for what was by now the privatized kinetic a Sales Director for kinetics C division Sarah was instrumental in establishing their maritime business which after incorporating land and weapons businesses became the largest business group in the company Sarah not only achieved the creation of this new business through pulling together many diverse and disparate capabilities she also delivered significant business growth and customers focus ensuring that real operational value delivered to the Royal Navy's warfighter fighting capability in 2017 Sarah was appointed chief executive officer of BMT Group Limited a leading global design engineering and science consultancy focused in the commercial and defense areas of the maritime sector Sarah is a member of the Maine Board of BMT and leads the executive committee responsible to the board for the day-to-day running of the group beyond her immediate work environment sarah is involved in many initiatives to give something back to society she has frequently joined the judging panel for pitch at Palace founded by the Duke of York which provides a platform to amplify and accelerate the work of entrepreneurs giving them opportunity to meet people who can assist and support their new businesses think Dragon's Den sarah has a passion for promoting STEM science engineering technology and maths amongst young people she conceived and designed and led the school's powerboat challenge now in its ninth year the challenge provides pupils aged between 12 and 15 from local schools with hands-on experience of using stem skills in ium maritime industry Sarah also had a leading role as a director of Portsmouth University Technical College where she was deeply involved in ensuring a successful launch for this now thriving educational institution from 2013 to 2016 Sarah was director of the rona trust a charity providing sail training experience to young people from all backgrounds including the care and social and privations services in recognition of both her professional achievements and a wider contributions Sarah has been the recipient of several honors she is very proud to have been appointed an honorary commander in the Royal Navy in recognition of her contribution outside of formal business to the future direction of the Royal Navy within the UK maritime sector she was delighted to be made an OBE in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to the maritime industry and diversity reflecting her long-standing commitment and contribution to supporting and promoting the UK's maritime industries in addition to her work on stem and promoting the importance and value of diversity in the sector it is almost impossible not to be completely bowled over by Sara's passion and enthusiasm for that she does to use her own words she says I love leading teams to deliver something amazing and it never ceases to amaze me how much more a truly great team can achieve it is always something far greater than the sum of the individual parts BMT is the perfect business for me we lead on environmental assessments for climate change working on the Great Barrier Reef rejuvenation projects and flood modeling whilst also also designing the next generation of green commercial and warships I am proud to lead an organization with so many brilliant scientists and engineers who genuinely inspire me every single day it is wonderful to be inspired by others but this award today is for the inspiration that others gain from Sarah and all that she has achieved vice-chancellor I present Sarah Kenney for the honorary degree of doctor of the university honoris causa by the authority of the university it is my pleasure to admit you to the degree of doctor of the university honoris causa [Applause] Wow I'm not sure I recognize myself in there Vice Chancellor ladies gentlemen graduands thank you very much indeed for bestowing such an honor on me today and for inviting me here to be a part of your graduation ceremony I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the graduates for what I know will have been several years of incredibly hard work to get you here today I hope that in return for receiving this huge honor I will be able to encourage and help you and those who follow you whilst thinking about what to say today I looked for inspiration to the speeches of a few other I have to say rather more eminent and deserving folk than I many of them tell wonderful stories of a life very well lived filled with honorable deeds and huge decisions many of them also offer astoundingly profound advice however mindful of the perils of plagiarism and feeling slightly inadequate and a little bit humbled by being here in front of you all today I figure that my life story might seem rather dull and on the offer of profound advice I'm reminded of a mock graduation speech published in the Chicago Tribune and subsequently turned into a pop song by Baz Luhrmann be careful whose advice you buy advice is a form of nostalgia dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the garbage wiping it off painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth so instead I will share a few thoughts about how I have approached my personal and professional life things that I have come to hold dear as my guiding principles they have got me to where I am today and they may be useful to you as you embark on you journeys when you leave here today firstly I have always held on to and valued integrity my career and my personal life have presented me with many situations that have challenged it but I have found that doing the right thing even when it's really hard always rewards you in the end secondly I have learnt to get comfortable with the knowledge that I don't know everything that was a hard one believe me well so whilst I'm a big believer that you should never stop learning and please never stop learning that might seem an odd message when you just want to go and forget learning for a while and I may well decide to carry on working on the things that I'm not so good at there is nothing better than surrounding myself with a team who are better than me at those and other things this leads me neatly to my third thing which is to embrace and celebrate diversity I have spent my whole career as a woman in a male-dominated world initially I felt different and it made me feel uncomfortable over time I have learnt that it's best to simply be myself and ultimately to enjoy being different in turn this has made me aware of the true value of diversity and I now seek this actively in the teams and organizations that I work with and lead the sooner we all think and behave this way the better the better our workplaces and our societies will be diverse inclusive teams make better decisions and achieve so much more and finally having lived and worked in the Portsmouth area for over 20 years it has been truly impressive to see the ambition of the University of Portsmouth being realized and have witnessed some of the incredible achievements of its staff and its students over the course of my career I have worked with academic establishments all over the world and I can honestly say that I particularly credit the University of Portsmouth for their outreach into the communities to local governments they're very active engagement with local industries and businesses and their excellent work on wider skills development through initiatives such as the UTC for those graduating today perhaps you have noticed this perhaps you haven't or perhaps you've just taken it for granted but this intrinsic desire to collaborate is special and different and something that I hold very dear so I would like to leave you with my last thought in this vein which is a quote attributed to one of my heroes Charles Darwin and it is but in the long history of humankind those who learn to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed your University has set you on the path not just to prevail but to be brilliant take full advantage of it hold on to your values dare to be different surround yourself with talented and diverse people collaborate and most of all have some fun thank you very much ladies ladies and gentlemen we now come to the formal part of the ceremony where our graduands will process across the stage and miraculously become graduates I now invite the vice-chancellor and academic registrar to make the formal declarations after which the students will process across the stage they were first to be congratulated by the vice-chancellor and then the executive Dean of the Faculty of business and law professor giant Pichette oh and by the executive Dean of the Faculty of humanities and social science professor Matthew weight vice-chancellor as academic registrar I confirmed that those presented at the ceremony have successfully completed their studies and have satisfied all conditions and requirements of the university by the authority of the university I confirm that all those who are dually qualified are hereby admitted to the awards for which they are presented vice-chancellor I present to you the following successful candidates from the School of Education and sociology for the award of foundation degree of Arts in early years care and education Stephanie Arthur Jill bees with distinction Rebecca Cordray Elizabeth clowder a Niekro elicited missed rien pria Edwards [Applause] Lucy Ellison Emma Green rashon Johnson Emma Kimba Paige Lawrence with distinction Kym Mansbridge [Applause] Lilliana Marin Kovac with distinction Phillipa means with distinction Karen Moore be Catherine Roberts [Applause] Batol Sahib Lucy saw with the Warmington memorial prize lisa marie roberts with distinction Debbie Weisinger Hadiya Ulis [Applause] nihari neva Zee [Applause] for the foundation degree of Arts in learning support Nicola Davy Sharan Duke Kaley fana [Applause] Emily parrot [Applause] with the support for learning prize em events for Bachelor of Arts in childhood and youth studies Tosun a few hey Amelia Armstrong freshness Bari [Applause] Jaina padishah [Applause] le Beckwith Jessie Belcher [Applause] Charlie Brennan [Applause] lorica Terrace [Applause] Allison Coles [Applause] with first class honours Katie Corrigan with the childhood and youth prize Katy Finlay [Applause] Amy fry [Applause] Kate Harvey I be heard [Applause] jennipher Hoskinson Leigha Jenkins [Applause] the FinTech has the kiting Lucey kid [Applause] giorgia Kuryakin [Applause] Johanna Michaelis with first-class honors Mary milz [Applause] the shop owner [Applause] Southie pain [Applause] giorgia Piper [Applause] Jody Parkson Emily price Emily Ross [Applause] Mathilda Smith [Applause] Kirsti stead [Applause] John Taylor Melissa Taylor [Applause] bookie tips who won Natasha – Terry [Applause] Evangeline Trey horn Zoe Vance team [Applause] Katie Weller Heidi yep and Jacqueline Ewan [Applause] for The Bachelor of Arts in childhood and youth studies with psychology Rachel Adamo [Applause] Tracy Baker Maryana Begum Elinor Burgess [Applause] priscila Shakuni Tyrel for sure [Applause] [Applause] Kirsti hazel [Applause] Rosie hunt [Applause] Miriam yogin [Applause] Chelsea Jones Mehnaz calm a meelo [Applause] silky malim Anderson Carolyne Mikado [Applause] snap the Marte [Applause] right so Picard [Applause] Carly Scannell for The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies Charlie Teresa Alan [Applause] Elly May Anders [Applause] Carly Annette's [Applause] Chloe boots [Applause] Phoebe Callahan [Applause] Emily can [Applause] jazmine kakouton [Applause] with first-class honors Ellen doors with first class honours Jennifer Deakin Hal [Applause] with first class honours Eve Denison [Applause] Christie drink'll Shannon Farnum Elizabeth Grosvenor [Applause] with first class honours and with the early years teacher status Eleanor Harris [Applause] Tiffany ho [Applause] Paris house [Applause] she wandered [Applause] Mackey Mazzini nickiemoore [Applause] Molly Palmer [Applause] Ameena Parveen [Applause] with the early years teacher status Shauna Pettit [Applause] Megan Potter Hanna Paxton [Applause] fermi-dirac Ramon [Applause] sumit rose [Applause] ami stage' [Applause] Shalom e-cell Viraj [Applause] Victoria Cherie with first class honours Rachel Thomas with first-class honors and the early childhood prize Alice toesies Shanna's Odin Isabelle Vega with first class honours Natalie Wilkins Natalie Ewan [Applause] for The Bachelor of Arts in early child studies with psychology Chloe Bishop with first class honours Olivia Dionne feeling [Applause] Kaleigh Grantham [Applause] salli wa Kakashi mana [Applause] sign up in honk me sakha moly [Applause] with first class honours Bianca moon tane [Applause] bethenny Stallard [Applause] Denis Lia Jackson for The Bachelor of Arts and Education Studies rhiness Abdullah with first-class honors Diana buckle [Applause] Zoe Clarke Julie Hardy [Applause] Rebecca Neal Ellis nickels with first class honours and with the progression education studies prize tini eight for The Bachelor of Arts in sociology and Media Studies Jodi Barry [Applause] Briony cotton all [Applause] Sara – Miren [Applause] with first class honours Amy Metcalfe Jake Saunders hi Lee Turner McIntyre [Applause] for Bachelor of Science in sociology over uh Danny Amy [Applause] Kirsten ASIMO Bodi [Applause] Fatoumata [Applause] with first class honours Lucy Baron [Applause] Evelynn block [Applause] Harry brick no Molly Brown Leo Justyna colino Charlie Carrick [Applause] with first-class honors Phoebe Clifford Haley Cooper [Applause] Rianne credit with first-class honors Hannah darling [Applause] Katie Arrington Jessica Figgins [Applause] Rebecca Godwin [Applause] Alexandra Gould emma heron with first class honours Sienna Holton [Applause] Alicia Jackson Kym Johnson [Applause] William Jones [Applause] Sofia Jordan Sasha Lindsey [Applause] with first class honours Evy McKenzie [Applause] with first-class honors Sophie Mason with first class honours and with the school prize for student of the year in sociology Kristy McBride Kirra McDermott Whitney McDonald [Applause] with first-class honors Eloise Merriman Adam Mooney Gabrielle and aku with first class honours Madison old brie Khloe Richards Francesca Ridley [Applause] mazie Roberts [Applause] Emilia Rustin [Applause] rush me send the curry [Applause] Eve Shelton Richards [Applause] Loret regal Chris Turnbull [Applause] with first-class honors Joyce Van de Graaff [Applause] Rachel Vernon [Applause] Adriana Williams with first class honours Rosie Bilson Joannie young [Applause] for Bachelor of Science in sociology and criminology with first class honours Nathan Beatty with first class honours KT Bert [Applause] Ashley miko seen hether Cooper [Applause] Natalie Koster [Applause] then Davis Charlie Juke [Applause] marry Flint [Applause] Semih Heil Georgie jabots [Applause] lippy licinia [Applause] Rianne low [Applause] Charlotte's Meredith [Applause] Rebecca Newman [Applause] steffanina guru Caitlyn are swanigan [Applause] Lewis Altman [Applause] I Ronnie revin here [Applause] Jake Riggs [Applause] with first class honours Isabel right Jacob Wiseman yes right Yasin [Applause] for Bachelor of Science in sociology with psychology Julia a Gerber [Applause] Nadia r12 [Applause] so Napa kiri [Applause] Georgie bishop [Applause] a Coca camara awanee [Applause] Nathalie Malinga Chenab ooh Nicola Davis Amy L away Mathilda Gordon [Applause] Halina green [Applause] will English [Applause] Claudia ku Nagar [Applause] Jenice Maskin [Applause] with first-class honors and with the school prize for the best academic performance in sociology and with the school prize for the best dissertation in sociology be McIntosh Karishma miss irani Miami raw Manpreet rose max Smith [Applause] adrian peterson [Applause] empul [Applause] Jessica Chang [Applause] for graduate certificate in early years initial teacher training Katya Andrews [Applause] em'ly fouls [Applause] Monica pitch our check [Applause] Katharina Spira got dark ooh sorry Townsend [Applause] on successful completion of a program of research in the role of reflection in the emerging professionalization of teaching assistants christine Ninan [Applause] this concludes the presentation of students from the School of Education and sociology [Applause] vice-chancellor I present to you the following successful candidates from strategy enterprise and innovation for the award of post graduate diploma in innovation management and entrepreneurship Jerome Maas MD for master of science and innovation management and entrepreneurship with distinction Deena and AZ marry fat okie 4k bear cake [Applause] kool-aid gyah with distinction Luke McGowan [Applause] Aaron's a ass aqua with distinction Emanuel Pascoe with distinction Phil Skeffington with distinction and with the faculty prize for best overall performance on MSC innovation management and entrepreneurship bina Thapa for Master of Science in risk crisis and resilient management Abdul Arang sayid al Kitani [Applause] moose aide al-sham rook [Applause] Konstantinos apostille ooh [Applause] rupert Capleton [Applause] cherrylle Charles [Applause] thanassis has a piece [Applause] : darkens [Applause] Simon Dobson Anna Dow [Applause] Palo Duro [Applause] with distinction graham Ironside Chris Morgan with distinction Jason's sake [Applause] David Sanderson with distinction and with the IRM award for overall best performance in MSC risk crisis and resilience management Edward sherry Obie [Applause] Chris smart [Applause] Martina's Smith [Applause] with distinction Alexander wool stir [Applause] hara teeny yellow rule I for Doctor of Philosophy for a program of research in managing the on incorporation of consumer food waste into the packaging development process a cross case analysis of the UK packaged food sector Lilly Gama [Applause] for a program of research in entrepreneurial orientation export performance and green innovation performance the mediating effect of open innovation in SMEs Francisco Romero [Applause] this concludes the presentation of students from strategy enterprise and innovation [Applause] vice-chancellor I present to you following successful candidates from organization studies and human resource management for the award of person Graduate Diploma in coaching Development David Ford for post graduate diploma in human resource development and training management Stephen Curry Kait rules [Applause] for post graduate diploma in human resource management Tabitha Bane's and with distinction joel burchett Tiffany Caswell Emily Christmas Bench ugly [Applause] Michelle Williams [Applause] Nicole Hayden des Langan [Applause] lovely manda holy maxvill [Applause] Anthony knows [Applause] Emily Swinton Genet errands with distinction and the Chartered Institute of personal price of best oral performance by part-time students on the part-time diploma hater on HIV programs presented by Jane berry for the Chartered Institute of personal development Katie Witham Hayes [Applause] Postgraduate Diploma in training magic consultancy Adam Swan Jason woods for master of science and human source development our shuttle and with distinction Victoria Hall for master's science in human source management Becky at words with distinction annalee bamboo Jones [Applause] Daniel Rose Elio [Applause] Lorraine Francis Fernandes Heather Fletcher [Applause] Katie Grinstead Jonathan Vulcan [Applause] Nikki Hayworth [Applause] Sophie and I can us [Applause] Lucy Lester Chloe Lua [Applause] Roberta morena to keep to Montero and with distinction David Adama here [Applause] and with distinction Kato Hara [Applause] Kerris Pavey and with distinction and the Chartered Institute of personal run prize for best overall performance on the MSC human resource management stroke unit or relevant topper presented by the Chartered Institute of personal development Emma Porter [Applause] Laura Powell [Applause] Nathanial pal and Lauren were poochy [Applause] mónica straight back [Applause] Chloe stop [Applause] well the Chartered Institute of personal develop eyes the best student on the full-time embassy hate our own program presented by Jane Barry from Johnson ensued personal development Priya Durga Venga desh Emily waters [Applause] Daniel Weitz [Applause] Karin Zulu [Applause] for masters science and international human resource management and a maria simeon the water step yen g-men wine yeah kun Wang [Applause] for massive science in leadership and management mark Baxter dinah bird [Applause] Phil Gavin [Applause] Daniel Gordon [Applause] and with distinction pending radical [Applause] sam hearn [Applause] mat-su jump [Applause] Viktoria little child [Applause] Declan Lin and with distinction Clint Matthews Ronnie bill clarin [Applause] Kris MacFarlane penny Mottram Christopher bill Perry with distinction and the faculty prize to the best and Missy leach mansion investigative project call in peace [Applause] Richard Piech [Applause] Karen Rutherford's [Applause] with distinction running Mandy Seeger [Applause] steve standin [Applause] Stephen Watson [Applause] Richard Yardley [Applause] for professional doctorate in business administration for an approved topic of professional research and development into the development of an auditing framework by integrating iso 9000 2015 principles within accounting a case study of the great man-made River Project authority in Libya Imran Abbas ah [Applause] for an approved topic of professional research and development in risk management in small and medium-sized German leasing companies Christian Glaser [Applause] for the proof topic of professional research and development in aligning the concept of lean and value basement management's focus fostering saw a shared understanding between operations financial functions at the system level heard Coffman for an approved topic and professional research and development in a study of the implementation of a global change program for shared services Stephen Partridge for a program of research in the relationship of demographic features on career satisfaction and organizational commitment evidence from the kuwaiti banking sector these are Bedouin [Applause] for a program research into emotional labor and professional practice in sports medicine so science Becky Kings [Applause] for program research in exploring the HR role and professionalization HR practitioners as aspirin professionals and as siripu [Applause] this concludes the presentation of student from organizational studies and in resource management and today's ceremony [Applause] by Sandler I present to you Rachel Pickett to respond to the University on behalf of the students vice-chancellor on it guests ladies and gentlemen I'm Rachel Picard a graduate in charge of the new studies of psychology it is an honor to be on this stage and speaking on behalf of all the graduates those that are here today and those that could not be the university journey has been a long one the positive experiences have driven us past and negative roadblocks we may have faced with how we have overcome these experiences to step up in starting a new journey in our lives we have shown that perseverance and determination have played a large role in this journey we have taken on challenges such as the lack of self belief in ourselves believing that we would not make it through an assignment that we may fail an exam or they would not make it to this ceremony today and become graduates we have overcome these self limitations with each challenge testing our limits however these challenges have allowed us to becoming better versions of ourselves as Michelle Obama said you should never view your challenges as a disadvantage instead it's as important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages we did it although we did not achieve this alone but at the help of the staff at the University I would like to thank the staff on behalf of all the graduates for all the support they have given us their influence and their passion in their chosen subjects not only if they've been there for us in building our knowledge but they provided us with feedback to enable us to expand our skills and improve with each new task we face University is only one step that leads us to further challenges and future aspirations in which we will use the skills we have learned to university to reach the top of the stack and we'll be where we want to be we have worked hard for this moment and we're ready to take the next step whether this be future education starting a new career or even traveling the world we have made it here of determination perseverance newfound knowledge and university support now we can continue on our journeys using the skills and knowledge we have learnt congratulations to everyone here today we've achieved this great milestone we have graduated as we leave here today I would like you to take away the spiral fort as dr. Seuss said don't cry because it's over smile because it's happened thank you for listening [Applause] now at this point in the ceremonies customary for us to hear from our Chancellor Karen blackett but unfortunately she cannot be with us today but she never liked to miss a graduation ceremony so she has kindly recorded a short message for us today let's hear from Karen Blackett congratulations to all of you this is an immensely proud day for you your friends and your family you should be incredibly proud as I am proud sharing it with you as the Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth now I have sat where you were or where you are 25 years ago and although that was quite a long time ago I remember how emotional the day is I remember the immense sense of pride and joy on my mother and my late father's face as my name was called out to collect the certificate you should feel proud myself and my sister with the first generation in our family to go to university and this may be true for some of you today you are pioneers your time at the University will go on to become a big part of who you are and what you go on to achieve you leave here today at least a foot taller than when you arrived I hope the time at the University has helped you to unlock your true potential and also unlock your self belief as it did me I really want you to try and remember your friends that you have made at the University these are your cheerleaders please also remember the lessons that you have been taught and the you have learned at your time at the University this is your compass you leave the University today and you walk out into a world which may seem uncertain a world of work which may not seem as though there's a really certain future I really don't want you to worry because what you have to do is trust your head and your heart you will need to be strong and resilient you are equipped to deal with this all of the uncertainty and all of the changes you've got this most importantly I want you to find your purpose I want you to find your happy now this may not be immediate right because you have the euphoria of graduating and this ceremony but you need to find it and when you do you need to grab hold of it with both hands as it can guide you through life you have the potential to make the world a much much happier place I wish you Godspeed and I wish you good luck I wish you all the joy and hope in the world in fulfilling a really joyful and happy life now go out change the world and congratulations for being a graduate of the University of Portsmouth I would like to add my congratulations to all of you who have graduated and also all those who have supported our students while we have been studying at the University I now declare that this congregation is closed please be upstanding for the academic procession [Applause] [Applause]

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