Oregon State University online foreign language courses

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Disability Access Services at Oregon State University. [music]>>At Oregon State we have
a very interesting compliment of people in the academics that have been teaching
languages for decades.>>To me it’s fun [laughing] to learn another language.>>You hear about programs
like Rosetta Stone and the likes and you know there is certainly
some value to these programs but what is missing is the
interaction with the live speaker.>>Yeah, learning a second language actually makes you smarter, right? And there are studies about that.>>Employers these days
look for universal skills. So language is certainly
one of the components but navigating in other countries,
that is probably the key.>>And learning a culture is learning the beauty of the country, it’s visiting Israel,
for example, virtually. Yes, they can learn
about vegetables and fruit and how they’re named but
I find it more meaningful if you search for a recipe, that is an Israeli recipe let’s say, prepare it, take
pictures of the process, share it in the course blog, so you’re using different
senses to learn the language.>>There’s a lot about, you
know, German culture that I like. I love my beer [laughing]. [speaking foreign language]>>Language to me is the
key to the hearts of people. [speaking foreign language] [END]

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  1. Can anyone enrolled in the Oregon online distance program please give me a review? How do you like it & how does it compare to other foreign language online programs if you've taken any other one's?

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