17 thoughts on “Oprah got perfect response from Danish woman about their social welfare state PRESCIENT!”

  1. Denmark is a mostly homogeneous nation, roughly 6 million people. There are way more people who live in New York City ALONE. This country wasn't built on Socialism, changing it so drastically will make it collapse.

  2. We just need a bigger state and more force involved to solve social problems. Its just more civilized to solve problems through the use of force than to come up with voluntary solutions.

  3. Socialism looks great … until everybody lacks motivation to work hard and then we all become poor (look at Venezuela).

  4. The conditions that created Western European socialism have never existed in the US. After WWII, Europe was devastated. People sorely needed government assistance, but governments had little money. If it wasn't for the Marshall Plan funded by capitalist America, Europe would still be recovering. As always, with socialism, someone else always has to pay.

  5. "Socialist views" my @rse. Could it be that nobody in the US really knows the difference between socialist and social?

  6. Denmark is not a socialist country, but I’ll play along. Socialism has never existed without an external subsidy, from the New Harmony commune to the Israeli kibbutz. The USA has been paying Denamark’s defense costs for decades. Let’s see how smug they are after a few years of having to pay their own.

  7. It appears to be a combination of Fear and Greed, or just "Fear" as fear can underline greed too.
    Those that don't want equality of opportunity, fairness, and want privileged facilities, loopholes, avenues, favouritism etc., of course do NOT WANT any change at all. More's the pity for their souls and their development here on earth.
    And those who are honest living but still conservative, can be just brainwashed and / or too set in their ways to want change either.
    It's grand for both groups though, as they don't have to have a shitty life like most who are born into poverty and ghettos. Only the odd entrepreneurial types will break out of it, although these rare types will excel, many of them will just end up excelling at the wrong thing – crime. What of the rest of folks then in that situation? Those who aren't the entrepreneurial types who, if they were in a different socio-economic situation or country, would just follow orders dutifully, do their honest day's work and live productive lives, improving the lot of those around them. This large percentage of people are just forgotten about and are
    a. demonised for not being able to get work
    b. are too under-qualified to get work (because they couldn't afford adequate education, which should be state-provided
    c. demonised for not being business-starter types
    d. some of them who feel in the end they have nothing else to do or to follow, will then be demonised for following the orders of somebody else i.e. crime bosses.
    The upshot of it all I believe is that MOST people are just 'people' and will lead honest-to-God lives happy that they are earning and contributing. When nearly all the cookies are taken from the plate though and there's so little left to go around, it is then that all the social problems start, and the demonising, and the hopelessness, and the depression, and the anti-social behaviour, and the demonising ad infinitum.

  8. One of the best reasons to keep people at home in Amurca is that they'll never see how much better the people in "socialist" countries have it. Health care for all instead of 4 or 5 totally obsolete aircraft carrier groups, free education through college instead of more tax breaks for the wealthiest families, day care , maternity leave, 5 weeks paid vacation after the first year of employment, and on and on. What America does better than anyone is, through systematic propaganda, convincing average Americans that they live in the "GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD"! Reality Check: Infant mortality:37th, Adult ignorance of social conditions 2nd place, 67th place in the number of slaves in the population(and that doesn't include the prison for profit inmates that work for next to nothing), NUMBER ONE in the number of prison inmates, 23rd in gender equality, 33rd in internet download speeds…..and on and on . But, hey, we're number one in the number of women olympic gold medalists in figure skating….

  9. And yet, Ayn Rand received Social Security benefits later in her life. https://www.snopes.com/ayn-rand-social-security/

  10. I am an American who has lived in Denmark for more than 20 years. My kids were born here, educated here and I am a small business owner. I can only agree with the sentiment these women are expressing. I wouldn't trade what we have for an American style system for anything in the world. you'd have to be crazy actually! 🙂

  11. Good for the Dane.. Dont let Americans get on their high horse 🐎 when they have no room to talk about any country on earth.. One of the most uncivilized nations on earth trying to judge another..

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