Opposites for Children | Puppy Park #6 | Toddler Fun Learning

The pups want to show us some opposites today. Its very early in the morning and the gates
to the park are closed. Here we go, now they are open, come on pups
lets head into the park for some fun. Henry has just planted a new tree and he is
watering his SMALL tree Dotty is looking at her BIG tree which has
lots of apples on on it. SMALL and BIG – they are opposites The pups are playing on the seesaw, the seesaw
goes UP and DOWN. Up and Down. Up. Down. Opposite. Oli and Thomas are swinging high on the swings,
they are swinging FORWARDS and BACKWARDS. Forwards. Backwards. They are Opposite. Freddie and Bertie are building sandcastles
and the weather is HOT, they need to cool down by eating a COLD ice cream, That’s
another opposite. HOT
and COLD. The ducks are swimming in the pond and are
getting very WET, Luckily Dotty has her umbrella which is keeping her DRY. WET and DRY The pups are both HAPPY. Oh no! Dotty has let go of her balloon so she is
now SAD. Milo is very kind. He gives one of his balloons to Dotty which
makes her HAPPY again. Well done Milo. HAPPY is the opposite to SAD. Its daytime in the park now but now its getting
dark and its nighttime, DAY and NIGHT they are opposites. Bye Bye Subscribe to our channel for more great videos.

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