Operation Fresh Start helps disadvantaged kids get education, job skills

SUSAN — IT’S THE PERFECT WEATHER FOR A WALK THROUGH THE PARK – AND AT PRAIRIE MORAINE, OUTSIDE VERONA – YOU’LL FIND FRESH NEW TRAILS TO CHECK OUT THIS SUMMER. THEY HAVE BREATH-TAKING VIEWS – BUT WHAT’S MAYBE MORE IMPRESSIVE IS THE STORY *BEHIND* THEM. LEAH LINSCHEID HAS THAT STORY. At Prairie Moraine Park – you can find plenty of trees – trails – nature – and maybe a little inspiration, too.” 2 SOTW1 42 NAT – cutting down weeds 3 SOTW2 42 “Just hanging around the wrong crowd – breaking the law – using drugs you know” 4 VO TRACK The view is a far cry from what Zach Middstocke is used to seeing. 4 SOTW4 43 “Just ready to go on a different step I guess” 1 VO TRACK This is the path he’s taking – at Prairie Moraine Park. 1 SOTW6 43 “better my life, stop making bad decisions and choices and grow up” :17 2 SOTW7 42 “I’m really proud of our participants…” 3 VO TRACK Zach joined a handful of other people taking part in Operation Fresh Start. It’s a program to help disadvantaged young adults find their way – with education and job-training. 3 SOTW9 42 NAT – cutting 4 SOTW10 43 “We’ve been out here clearing invasives hoping to open these trails so people can appreciate…” 1 VO TRACK These kids are learning real-world skills – while out in the real world. 1 SOTW12 43 “These guys didn’t even know it was out here – didn’t realize how beautiful it was” 2 SOTW13 42 “I’m just proud of our OFS participants. they’ve overcome a lot of challenges to get their high school diploma – learn a skill and help themselves get ahead and not many people do that anymore” 3 SOTW14 42 NAT – cutting 4 VO TRACK Zach has just started the program – so far about 40 hours into the 900 that are required. but there’s no view he’d rather be taking in. 4 SOTW16 43 “It really shows people that no matter what you been thru they’ll give you a fresh start – they’ll give you a chance to be who you deserve to be and who you want to be. SUSAN — OPERATION FRESH START HAS HELPED MORE THAN 8-THOUSAND YOUNG ADULTS IN WISCONSIN START OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT.

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