Opening GAME MASTER Mystery Packages in his Abandoned Warehouse!(New Spy Clues & Mysterious Riddles)

– Hey guys, what's going on. – As you guys know, the
Game Master took Rocky's dog and you guys we also found out that Rocky was Pumpkin Patch, but
he was doing it in order to get his dog back. So we are here today and
we are gonna go get Flip back from the Game Master. – That's right, we think that he's over at the abandoned warehouse
that I was actually taken over to recently. So we're gonna head over to
that warehouse right now. Rocky's gonna follow us in his car. We'll see you there Rocky. – I am ready to find Flip. – Alright let's go get him. – Let's do it. – Okay. Matt, why didn't you
have Rocky come with us? There's no reason for
him to take his own car. – What is going on? I don't know if I trust him right now. – So I had him take the lie detector test and the only reason he was
working for the Game Master was because he wanted his
dog Flip back, but I don't even think he thinks the
Game Master is that bad. The Game Master never had
him, AKA Pumpkin Patch, do anything bad to us. – He still was working against us. – No, think about it. I still don't know if
the Game Master is good. I know the Game Master wants
to defeat Project Zorgo so maybe he wants good people on his team and Rocky's a good guy. – I think we just need to
keep an eye on him until we get more details. This doesn't feel correct. Also lived above our garage,
don't you remember that? Like, for 24 hours. I still don't feel like we can trust him. I wanna put a tracking device on him. – Wait a sec, okay so this video is sponsored by Wrapples. These are Wrapples. You put them on your wrist,
I'm gonna show you guys them and I'm gonna show
you guys how we're gonna be able to distract Rocky using these. So these are the Little Live Pet Wrapples. They go on your wrist and they have a cool slap band body so you can
literally wear them anywhere. Matt, put up your wrist. – I'm confused to how this
is gonna help us track Rocky. – I will explain. So their big eyes light
up to match their mood and they can talk to you
but they can also talk to other Wrapples. So watch, they even talk to each other. Go. – Stop. Okay, they're really cute but once again how is this gonna help us track Rocky? – Okay. – Oh my gosh, I kinda like them. – They're like little cute bracelets. – Okay. So the more you interact
with them, the more they talk back to you. So if I have this and I
show Rocky and then I put one on his wrist. – Oh. – He's gonna be so distracted
by this, you can then slip the device. – I can slip the tracking device, yes. – Exactly. – Let's go get Flip back. – You guys, thumbs up if you think this is going to actually work. – Great plan. – I'm good at distracting, what can I say. – Okay, so the warehouse
is just right over there. I think we can just sneak right in, okay? – Okay, what is the plan to get Flip? What's on your wrist? – They're called Wrapples.
– Okay. – Here, let me put this on you. – Okay. – Aren't those cute, Rocky? – So cool. – Look, they like, you can talk to them, like try talking to them. – Hey what's up? – Here, put yours towards mine and they can talk to each other. Isn't that weird? – Oh, that is crazy. – What are they saying? – How do they know? – I don't know, can you talk? – They're so cute. – It's almost like they're alive. – Yeah, right. – Honestly we should
probably put those back away. – Really? – Yeah, I think it's a good idea just so that, just in case like
we go in there we don't want anyone to hear us go in.
– Yeah, we might get caught. – Oh okay, yeah silly me I don't know why I brought them out to this place. – Guys, this is the door right here. This is it right here. – Are you sure? – Yeah, yeah. – Do we know if the Game Master is inside? – We honestly don't. I hid the device inside. I had to hide the device
otherwise the Game Master would have got it. – Wait, so we can't even
check if he's in there? – We can't, nope. We're going in blind, Bec. – Do you have spy gadgets or something? – Yeah yeah I got one, I got one. This is the same one
that we used on Rocky. Sorry Rocky. – Sshh, just in case. It's a listening device, we're gonna have to open up the door a little bit. – Wait, is it locked? – It's unlocked, it's
unlocked, it's unlocked. He might not know that we're coming. – You guys, thumbs up this
video so we can get Flip back. – I don't hear anything yet. – What do you think, should we go in? – I don't see anyone inside. – I think we're clear, I think we go in. – I don't think the Game Master's here. – I got you. – Do you hear anything Rocky? – Not even a thing. – Flip, flip! – Did you hear that?
– What? – Wait, what was that? – Here, here Matt. It's a door. – This is where I heard it but I didn't know it was Flip. Flip, you okay? – Flip! – Flip!
– Flip! – Open the door. – We're gonna get you out, okay? – We're gonna get you buddy. – I wish you trained him on how to open the door.
– Open the door. – Oh, he's trying, he's trying. – Flip, we're gonna get you out, okay. – Alright Flip. – Okay, so we need to find the key. Where would it be? There's so many boxes. – Oh, poor Flip. Let's get him out, Okay? We gotta.
– Let's focus. Where do we even start?
We've gotta figure out where we even start. – I mean, yeah you guys let us know where you think the Game Master hid the key. – There's so many boxes. – We gotta get Flip out though. – Wait, wait. This is where I hid the device. – You hid it from the Game Master? – It's still there, yes. – What? Yes. – Okay so now we can see
where the Game Master is. – And we'll know where he hid the key. – No, it doesn't go backwards
unfortunately Rocky. – Ah. – Wait a sec. He's at our cabin right now. Why do you think he's at our cabin? – Well it can't be anything good. – It looks like he's
looking for something. What do you think– – He's looking for this. – Yeah, he doesn't know you have it. – Okay, that means that
we can get Flip out. – Okay, we got some time. – We can do it while he gets– We can do it before he gets back. – Okay, let's find the key. – Okay – Okay, let's switch back around. I don't think it's over here. – Wait a second, what
happened when the Game Master took you here? What did he do? – Honestly I can't really remember. – If you guys remember, comment below. – That's so strange. – Yeah. – Let's keep on looking. Alright, we're gonna try
to find the key right now to see if we can save Rocky's dog, Flip. – We have to find it, we gotta save Flip. – Okay. – Guys, look. – Oh, oh, she found something. – I just thought about this. These are all Christmas toys. – They're definitely for the holidays. – What if this is a clue? Or wait, that was a
clue that we figured out but what does that mean? – Yeah, is something with,
you know, I don't know, Project Zorgo but– – No, no. – But what? What about it? – That's it, I don't know. Does it mean something? – Project Zorgo? Yeah, the Game Master's
trying to take down Project Zorgo but maybe it's happening in December you guys. Comment below what you think that means and what these are for. – Wait, what if he's
taking down Project Zorgo on the 4th of December. – But what if the
take-down starts on the 4th and it's goes until Christmas. – Let's keep on looking. – We gotta find Flip. – – Is there anything in here? There's like another room
over here, look at this. Clothing room. – There's so many boxes. – I feel like there's gotta be
a clue to lead us to the key. – The Game Master always
leaves clues, like there must be someone that's feeding Flip if the Game Master's not here so there
must be something around. – True, okay let's see
if there's anything else. – What is that? – Mystery boxes? – Yeah, we've seen this before. – We had to smash the pumpkin and there was a note, what
if we just check under it. – Wait, no. It might be under one
of the boxes but what if it's a trap. – Yeah, what if it's do not choose the wrong mystery box. – Comment below what box
we should pick up first. Do we have to do something
or just like lift it up. – It's risky. We have to be careful. – Okay, what are you guys feeling? – I don't know. We've gotta get Flip back. Maybe the key's under one of them. Yeah, I think it's number 1. Just that's what I think it is, but. – I think we just have to take
a risk, I mean I'll do it. – It's your dog, Rocky. – I'll do it. – I don't know, I think 3. You think 1. What do you think?
– I'm gonna say 1. – Rocky you are deciding. – 1 or 3. – I pick 3, but 1 or 3. You guys. – I'm gonna go with– – You're going with 2? – I'm gonna do it. I have to save my dog. – Okay, yes, yes. 3, 2, 1. It's just tape. Is there anything on it? – No. I don't think that's even
supposed to be anything. I think it's just tape. – So if this the wrong box is something gonna happen? – Okay, let's work fast okay. – Wait, look for hidden cameras you guys. What if the Game Master
can see us somehow? – Maybe we should choose another one just to see what else is here. – What if we just do it
both at the same time so if there's something
good and something bad we can run with the good
as fast as possible. – Yes, nobody's done that before. Open both of them at the same time. Wait, wait wait, I
didn't even notice this. What is that room up there? – When you were at the
secret meeting there were two other people working
for the Game Master. Who are they? – I don't know. It's all a blur. I don't remember anyone
but I do remember SLH. – SLH? – SLH. – SLH. That was in the cave, that was SLH. – Also, it was on the Game Masters' video. Let us know in the comments
section down below, we're not quite sure. Also, we don't know what is up there. It might be another room. Don't wanna come back here
1 more time but if we do let us know if you want us to
explore that area up there. – No.
– You don't want to? – No, I don't.
– I don't want to. – Okay, let's just do
this real quick okay. I'm sure there's something
under here, okay. Here we go. Give this video a thumbs up if you think we're gonna find the key
under one of these boxes. Be careful. 3, 2, 1, go! – Oh, what's this? – Oh, the key. Maybe that's the key. – It's the key, okay open it up. – Open it up. I don't know. What? – What? – It's a decoy. – It's a decoy? – How are we gonna save Flip? – Matt, when you were in
here with the Game Master did he put a key somewhere? – He didn't leave a key anywhere I don't remember any of that stuff. Do you guys remember us
finding any key whatsoever? I don't remember at all. Wait, Rebecca you found a key, like, did you find one in the bottle? – Yeah, I found a key but
I used it at his cave. It was what unlocked the door. It was the box with the
code, so I've already use it. I don't have a key. – That reminds me, I
found one in the safe. When I threw the safe down
all 45 feet, I found a key inside of the safe. – Have you used it yet? – I haven't used it at all. – Where's it at? – Matt!
– It's in my backpack. – Matt! We gotta get Flip back and
you've had a key this whole time? – Oh, let's go! – What if that's the key? – Run, run, run, run. – Comment below if you
think this key's gonna work. – Oh. – Do you think it's gonna work? – It' gotta work. – Oh my gosh, come on, come on Flip. – Flip! – Flip! – It's going in.
– Flip, come on. – It is? – Yes, Flip!
– Ah, Flip! – Flip, Ah Flip! – Hi, come here buddy.
– You seem so happy. – Flip, no no no no,
we're taking you home. – We missed you buddy. – You guys, give this video a
thumbs up because we found– We found you Flip. – Look how fast his tail's wiggling. – Wait, so the Game Master
started Flip a channel. I say we take it over. – Let's take it over and
let's get Flip out of here. – Yeah, that's actually
a really good idea. – Come on, we gotta go, come on. – Flip, we're going out. Go, go!

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