Open Education North Carolina

(upbeat music) (bell rings) (cheering) (cash register rings) Open textbooks are a win-win. They’re a win for our
faculty because our faculty get to offer our students
a quality textbook, and they’re a win for our
students because they’re free. We’re taking away that cost burden and offering them a quality textbook. Last year I spent
nearly $800 on textbooks, so a lot of times I wait
until I get into the classroom to see if I really need the textbook. When I walked in there,
and my teacher said that the textbook was free, I
didn’t believe him at first, but it’s been so nice
not to have that expense. (cheering) So this is a great
opportunity for us to change but change in a positive way, not to continue with the
old norms that we’re used to but offering our students something better all the while by making us
a better faculty member. What more could you ask for?

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