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Hey singers! My name is Charmaine Brown, and I’m the
vocal coach at I created The Worship Vocalist training site
with my husband Jason… to help singers and worship leaders like you to improve your voice
and be able to lead worship more effectively. Quite honestly, when I began singing on my
worship team, there was nothing like this available, and I constantly struggled with…
losing my voice every weekend, not having nearly enough range to sing as high or as
low as the worship leaders I was listening to… not knowing what harmony parts to sing,
not knowing how to work with a band or create worship set lists… So many things I had to learn the hard way,
but I wanna make it easier for you! When you sign up for a subscription to,
you get immediate access to our top-quality training courses and resources, all specifically
tailored for contemporary worship teams and vocalists. We have lesson videos teaching you how your
voice works, how to expand your range, how to improve your tone,
how to sing harmony, how to lead sets and transition between
worship songs, how to take care of your voice and
protect it from damage, how to master popular worship songs and harmony
parts… All the topics that worship team singers
like you and I need to navigate! It’s an ever-growing library of resources
that I’m putting together… and everything is designed to do at your own pace… You can access it anywhere… anytime with your phone
or your computer… there are audio workouts and warmups that you can use at home or on-the-go
in your car… you can print out our workbooks so you can take notes along with the lesson videos…
and… I’m here to help! You can ask questions anytime on
the website about things you’re wondering. If you’re a worship pastor or you’re part
of a larger team, we also have team plans so that you can easily engage all the vocalists on your team! The best part about it is that you’re not
left to do this all on your own… The Worship Vocalist is a community of singers
and worship leaders from all around the world, and we’re all in this together! We have a private exclusive Facebook community
where you can ask questions, get help, you can participate in conversations and contests and live videos… and my goal is to walk alongside you and help you as much as I can on your vocal journey! Can’t wait to see you inside! Get started today at

4 thoughts on “Online Voice Lessons + Worship Training at”

  1. HEY! 🙂 You're such a good trainer! Would you please create a tutorial with Darlene Zchech's Victor's Crown? it's a really difficult worship song to sing (every Darlene songs are), so please please, we need tutorials for this song. Thank You 🙂 Love your videos so much, Godbless You!

  2. hello , i like your teaching it helps me a lot and i want to know more about the keys ,what is it and how to know if you are in the right key

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