Online Resources for Mortgage Education

If you’re planning on buying a home,
there’s a vast range of online resources available at your fingertips. Contrast
today’s virtually endless resources with 25 years ago, home buying research was
mainly limited to home listings and newspapers, books, magazines, which needed
to be purchased or checked out from libraries. With all today’s resources the
hardest thing can be knowing which resource to use. To help you know where
to start here are five essential resources for
home buyers. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development: For factual
accurate information on all aspects of home buying we strongly suggest using
the US Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD website. This
information is useful whether you’re a home buying expert, or want to teach a
younger family member about buying a home. My FICO: Everyone entering the home
buying process is going to need good credit. My FICO is allied with three
national credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Used by
mortgage lenders and provides great information about all aspects of credit.
The mortgage reports: great articles on home buying from real estate experts who
are also great writers. You’ll learn about strategies and loans for buying
homes, helpful tips from realtors, how to succeed in competitive housing markets,
and ways to prepare. Investopedia: Branded as the world’s largest financial
education website, Investopedia offers a range of great information about home
buying. You’ll get content such as tutorials for first-time homebuyers mixed
with more advanced information on real estate investing. This blog: Open
Mortgages blog provides information and tips on mortgages, reverse mortgages, and
refinancing. Whether you’re planning on buying your first home, or a long-term
homeowner, you’ll gain valuable knowledge by regularly reading our blog. When it
comes to buying homes, learn as much as you can. Home buying has many different
components, is tied to our constantly changing national economy, and also can
change due to government regulations. Because of this is important to read a
wide range of home buying website and perspectives. If you’re ready to
enter the home buying process, or have specific questions, contact one of Open
Mortgage’s friendly loan originators today.

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