Online Master of Learning Technologies

Are you ready to advance in the field
of learning technologies? The Ohio State University's online Master of Learning
Technologies program will give you the skills you need to succeed in multiple
sectors of education. You'll be taught by Ohio State's distinguished faculty from
the College of Education and Human Ecology. Our faculty collaborate on
curriculum to ensure that you receive both theoretical and practical training
covering a range of topics including instructional design, technology skills,
applying research, evaluation and assessment, and learning theory. "What is
really unique about this program is that you build your portfolio as you go so by
the end of this program you already have collected many artifacts that you've been
developing in different courses. Other programs probably have one or two
artifacts that the students will develop during the practicum or the capstone. In
our program students develop artifacts in each class." Throughout the online program
you'll work with your academic advisor to tailor the curriculum to your
professional goals. You'll also have access to student services like online
office hours and social media channels to help you connect with and learn from
other students in the program. "The number one reason that I would say students should
come to Ohio State to pursue this particular program is to really learn
from our faculty and learn about research and learn about how you can
have this program applicable to multiple ways of your personal life or
professional life and how you want to grow in technology. I think that's what
makes it such a special program and that we really really want to listen to our
students because we knew this is something that was changing." The online
format enables you to complete the degree in just over two years if
attending part-time. Upon graduation you'll be prepared to take on positions
as an instructional designer, educational technologist, technology integration
specialist, media specialist, director of instructional technology, trainer,
curriculum developer, or an online teacher. "I've had the opportunity to work
on projects with a group of people and my favorite part of these projects and
group work is that the project feels like I can apply it to real life like it
matters it's doing something. It's not just busywork. Plus these people that I've met
in this group I feel connected with and I feel like
they bring a different perspective and a different viewpoint that really has
opened my eyes and brought benefit to me in this program." Now is the perfect time
to enter the growing field of learning technologies. For more information on our
online Master of Learning Technologies visit

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