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[Cessily] Welcome, I'm Cessily, and we're here talking about Ashford University's Master of Arts in Special Education. Joining me is Reyna Sund, Director of Career and Alumni Services, and Program Chair, Dr. Laurie Wellner. Dr. Wellner, you
were just talking about what students should expect in this program. [Dr. Laurie Wellner] Yes, it's a degree-only program, it does not lead to certification, but it will provide a strong focus for the practical application of knowledge paired with the foundation of theory based learning to
prepare students for careers in the field. [Cessily] In special education the academic standards are very demanding. [Dr. Laurie Wellner] Yes, that's correct. This curriculum has been intentionally designed to include innovative content that prepares students
for the field of special education using interactive instructor-led and student-led discussions, interviews, and video simulations. Students are also held to high expectations in written and oral communication where technology is
leveraged in creative ways to support the online teaching and learning process. [Cessily] Reyna, graduates with special education backgrounds are becoming more valuable. [Reyna Sund] Yes, more and more classrooms are including students with special needs, so being equipped with this skillset is
extremely valuable even if an Ashford student is not pursuing the path of
special education. The MA in Special Education provides a foundation that grads can build on. [Cessily] Thank you both for being here. We hope this video has answered some of your questions about Ashford's online Master
of Arts in Special Education. If you're looking for more information or if you
would like to speak with an Enrollment Services Advisor, go to

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