39 thoughts on “Online GMAT Classes with Veritas Prep, Lesson 2: Critical Reasoning Question Type”

  1. How wrong I was to come here for the beginner preparation for GMAT. Seems like this is for 600+ looking to enhance their score to 610. Can't deny the fact that its useful tho

  2. Hi, even though you arrive at the correct answer in the bones question, I believe that a more logical path to follow is this: it does not state in the text that the bones are 2-1.5 million years old, so the last sentence is not based on any solid argument. If we choose the answer E, then we make sure that the bones are indeed 2-1.5 million years old, hence making the last sentence of the text logical.

    In your reasoning, what I think is not quite logical is this: you say that answer E proves more or less that the bones have not been put there by someone else later, but it does not contradict the idea that maybe someone else put the bones there of 2-1.5 mil years ago.

  3. Of course, I'm still going to need a lot of practice. But, I really appreciated the foundation this video provided on how to tackle CR questions. Until now, I had just been trying to compare answer choices to the passage. But, trying to recognize the gap between the conclusion and the premise and then finding the answer that fills said gap is a much better approach. Thanks!

  4. Great advice on test-taking strategy. He explains to spend 2/3 of your time understanding the questions on critical reasoning, and 1/3 of your time in the answers. Priceless, I could easily see myself getting lost analyzing the answers on those.

  5. There is no better explanation than this..This helps not only in GMAT but all kind of reasoning..I have changed the way I used to think

  6. What sense does it make within the logical system of the GMAT to take semantic for mathematical correlations? According to the example of the dropped unemployment rate: Who else than people can be un-/employed? Machines – ok, maybe a few. Animals – not really. People in this semantic context in my view are seen in their roles as employees – and ok, they could have been passed away – but also in this way the unemployment rate will drop and a correlation does exist. The statistical probability that there is no correlation between unemployment drop and fewer people unemployed is certainly lower than that there is no correlation. Please correct me, if IΒ΄m wrong, I want to understand this system.

  7. Going back to the prisoner supervision problem, I have a basic question regarding the flaw that has been pointed out in the argument – why would anyone be arrested if he or she didn't commit a crime?

  8. Helpful! I'm beginning to study from scratch for my GMAT test and this guide is helping me to understand the structure and logic of the test.

  9. don't waste your time on this course. this is not a course, this is a bullshit. In a course a teacher has to explain why is this or that, this guy just uses some samples from GMAIT and doesn't explain any strategies and logic behind the exam.

  10. isn't it you are introducing outside information when you go with E for the China-Acid rain problem? Seeing as nothing was said in regards to their favor for economical preferences?

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