One Year at the Faculty of Education

>>Student 1: I chose education just because I like the changing atmosphere that you always have in schools and other impacts that you
can make.>>Student 2: I hope it gives me a good understanding
of what it is to be a good educator, what different methods need to be used to deal
with different kinds of students.>>Student 3: Well, we’re both here for the
same thing, so I’d also like to learn how to be a better teacher and get a lot of experience
in the classroom.>>Student 4: Building futures is important
for every single person on this earth. Whether it’s me, whether it’s you, whether it’s just
anyone, it represents growth. The main goal is to provide all students success. It’s not
about giving them a failing grade or a successful grade, but wanting all students to have equity
and have a target to achieve, so they all can succeed.>>Student 5: Coming here today, it just shows how much opportunity I have to apply for a teaching position and how many boards are
looking. At first it was nerve-racking, but then after going around and getting to know
different school boards, it’s overwhelming, but at the same time, it gives me peace of
mind that there’s opportunity for success in finding a job.>>Student 6: The way I prepared, and I’m
pretty sure Hannah did even more than that, but I just researched a lot of the different
school boards, even all of the overseas positions that were available, just to kind of get a
feel about the school’s vision, their virtues, their values, what they kind of work with,
and just took it from there.>>Student 7: For me, it was very encouraging
because I’m hoping to move to the UK, so it`s so helpful and reassuring to see how many
recruiters come from UK schools.>>Student 8: It’s nice to see the school
boards that I’m going to be applying to. So, I’ve made my contacts and found out the information.
It was very helpful.>>Student 9: The career fair’s been fantastic.
They allow you to take advantage of a lot of new employers from all over the world,
so if you’re interested in going overseas, there’s tons of people to give you lots of
information.>>Rachel Scherzer: Together, along with the
other supervisor, Nathalie Paré, we offer workshops in SMART Board for our students
here. Our goal is ultimately to help students become prepared to go into the classroom and
feel at ease using this technology to help serve their students better.>>Student 10: The anti-bullying one has to
have been my favourite because bullying is so present in our schools nowadays, so it’s
teaching us how to deal with that, not standing by, but standing up for it, so I thought it
was really interesting. Autism is also something that was interesting for me.>>Michael Wilson: Some of us observed a couple
of years ago that this program, particularly the Teacher Education program, did not have
enough of a creative and aesthetic dimension and we have all of the work done here by volunteer
candidates. None of this is related to a course.>>Student 11: A good teacher will be forever
remembered by students and I want to leave a mark somehow and I feel like being a good
teacher will hopefully inspire a future generation of kids.

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