20 thoughts on “"One Last Time" – Hamilton At The White House #ObamaLegacy”

  1. 0:41 me when the gurl i hate starts crying

    1:09 me to my teacher when a pop quiz shows up during a good week

  2. Obama was not a bad president he had good ideas and intentions but he didn’t do a lot he was just kinda there.

  3. Words taken directly from George Washington and he is APOLOGIZING! Has Trump ever apologized for anything ever? I'm asking seriously. Aside from something like, "I'm sorry you misunderstood what I was saying?" This speaks volumes. It breaks my heart every time I watch this. What happened to our country?

  4. What I'm thinking about during the whole video: Lin, now why did you wear jeans with your dress shirt and blazer when performing for the president?

    Jk lol but still, oh Lin!

  5. The lines
    “No one will make them afraid in the safe nation we’ve made”
    Made me think of something

    Donald trump is president now..
    No one is safe anymore 😰

  6. wow, remember when we had a president who had class and was capable of understanding art and history? I miss those days

  7. Its the middle of 2019 and seeing President Obama bobbing his head to this masterpiece makes me STILL MISS THIS MAN!!!

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