One in Christ Curriculum

[Liturgical arts] [Everybody repeat after me!] [Liturgical arts] [Do you see liturgical art in this room?] It takes a long time to develop a curriculum so at Concordia Publishing House whenever we release a curriculum we begin gathering feedback that’s helpful for us. We knew this curriculum was going to be used for a number of years and we wanted it to have a purposeful and flexible design. With flexibility for teachers to adapt it to their own unique needs the classroom [The pastor may wear a sleeveless robe. What do we mean by that?] This is why we design the One in Christ curriculum with a solid, biblical foundation: a comprehensive scope and sequence that teaches the salvation story from Old Testament to New Testament. [He calls His own sheep by name.] [And they will never perish.] [And no one will snatch them out of My hand.] Because of these challenges, we sought the input of people who are actually practitioners. Hundreds of writers for the One in Christ curriculum. We got together literally an army of people. They understand the different learning styles of the students that can occur in a classroom. [And the last one?] This gave us thousands of original, creative ideas to reach students with different learning styles and different levels of understanding about their Savior. [I think I understand now, Baptism is a special gift from God.] I think we’ve all had students who don’t get it. Who don’t get that Jesus loves them. Or that they don’t understand what the Bible stories are saying. But One in Christ bridges those gaps with interesting, easy-to-understand lessons. We wanted every student to understand that God’s Word is for them. And that in His Word He provides the power and the direction for us to live the new life for Him. [Dear Lord, thank You for the words to use in many different situations.] The most logical way to organize a scope and sequence at every grade level would be simply to work chronologically through a collection of Bible stories. As we developed One in Christ, we received many requests from teachers in the field that they were looking for a fresher, a more thematic approach. Teachers were telling us that we have to be sensitive to varying levels of biblical background and understanding. So when we developed the lessons for grades 3, 5, and 7, we start the lessons with those essential questions: Who is God? What has He done for us? Who is Jesus? Why did He come to save us? Those questions really make the connections into the Bible story and help the student learn that these stories are for them! [Our Lord Jesus Christ on the night in which He was betrayed, took bread. . . ] We designed One in Christ with each level having the same easy-to-teach format. Into the Lesson captures student interest. Into the Word dives into the Bible narrative. And Into Our Lives encourages students to make real-life application. [Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done. . . ] Another exciting aspect of the One in Christ curriculum is the One in Christ portal. Through these activities, the Bible narrative is extended with Bible-based games, whiteboard activities, They engage today’s learner. These activities retell the Bible story in engaging ways using Bible-based games, interactive activities, videos, slide shows, a lot of resources that help you bring the story home in a very visual way. [So you’re going to look at the picture and think about which Bible passage would make the most sense with it, okay?]] Students in Christian classrooms are sinners, just like we are. Sometimes it’s hard to know what they are going through. They need the hope, the assurance of forgiveness, and the power that God provides through His Holy Word. That only the forgiveness of Jesus Christ can bring. That’s really the goal of One in Christ: to bring that power, that assurance of forgiveness, and that strength for daily living into the lives of students and to their families. That is why One in Christ is purposeful, that every day teaches about the love of Jesus. [Laughter] [Jesus calls us to reach out with kindness] [Very good]

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