On Critical Thinking and Education

so pleased with the amount of energy that I see you putting out and this is the kind of energy that is the stuff out of which education is made so I'm going to please you will notice if I started earlier by saying at the beginning of the circle of the instructional period B that I would begin with education but then I didn't say much about education and we went launching off and the reason I didn't is actually because it's hard to say a lot about education without and choosing critical thinking throughout the explanation and now that you've learned a bit about critical thinking you can revisit education and show the tight in the connection that exists between critical thinking and education first of all let me show you share with you the most powerful one-liner on education that I've ever come across that is powerful because it has such far-reaching implications and yet it is perfectly simple again and again I think the powerful things are simple and obvious the problem is that most people miss it sort of like common sense it's the one thing people lack but in the in any case your system simple idea brought to you by William Butler Yeats of Thornton education is not the filling of a pail it is the lighting of a fire and if if that translates for me that means until the student ignites that nothing has happened and for most of the students of what is what there is no flame is there and the student is waiting for someone to put knowledge into this area or rather waiting to hear what's on the test so they can the night before get it up to speed and top it afterwards it's the stuff for most students which is made on graduation day thank God it's over now I'm often running and the key to the fire is that those who are intellectually alive who are flaming up a bit have questions and their question driven they learn because there are things they want to know and they seek what they want to know in order to learn them and therefore they don't need a teacher per se they get teaching from many sources from individuals from their own breeding from their own thinking and observation from their from their reflection and trauma from their energy of seeing things that seem important stuff and they function to try to figure things out on many levels because life takes us that many levels on the economic level on the psychological level historical financial personal level on the ethical level overall all of these levels are shot through with important questions for many of which there is no one simple answer and so in a way critical thinking education and critical T converge on the fact of engagement and engagement focuses on the concept intellectual intellectual engagement the intellect must be engaged not just the emotions we must be emotional about the intellectual if you will we must never to be upset about the degree of fogginess in the political process where people say nothing in many flowery words as if they were saying something and where we need people standing up saying in the last 20 minutes you have something say something of significance tell us something of importance we've heard sound bites not well it's here something that isn't a sound like seeing true what is there seeing a lot of mystification of mystification a lot of propaganda a lot of one side in this a lot of wood for the pain oh lady but not wood for the fire and so the key to your success in this workshop is the same key that is the key to your education and that is your playing getting lit and though there is a place in education for inspiration and so we hope that you come across or are a inspiring teacher but the fact that acted we had to wait for inspiring teachers to learn we've been waiting a long time inspiring teacher teachers are rare and we have to learn from people who are not necessarily inspiring but simply solid intelligent insightful motivated individuals who care so if we no revisit the concept of critical thinking how does critical thinking potentially light your fire well it gives you questions to ask peril burning importance what is our purpose after all what is our purpose in life what is our purpose in school what is our purpose in our leisure time how does the kinds of mindless programs exist on virtually hundreds of channels but what does that have to do with anything of importance what aren't what what questions you want answered what information do you need to have to process the realities that you have to deal with what are you assuming about life in your life and about what's happening in the world what are you assuming about your potential to me difference what are the most important concepts and ideas

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