Olivia Munn Was Frustrated By "Lack of X-Men Knowledge" From Singer & Kinberg

hey guys how's it going so it looks like Psylocke actress Olivia Munn was frustrated with singer in keansburg due to their lack of x-men knowledge which I think a lot of people will share feelings about so when she was doing a Q&A kind of interview with GQ she was talking very blatant about her feelings and maybe that's because now the franchise is over officially or not but she didn't hold back and she said when I was doing x-men apocalypse I was actually surprised that the director and the writer didn't know Psylocke had a twin brother and I had talked to them about a lot of different things with psylocke in some other parts of the of the world of x-men that they didn't know in that as a fan was very frustrating so this shouldn't be too surprising to a lot of fans I think it was really famous that during the original x-men movies people like Bryan Singer for the most part we're not letting the actors read the comic books for x-men which was obviously really hard for certain actors like the Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman who wanted to really get into the character and know more about two characters so he can really portray the character accurately from you know the pages the panels to the big screen which infamously is how a producer Kevin Feige got some bonus points with a lot of fans because he would sneak and give advice about the comics to the various actors you know behind singers back and stuff like that but accomplishes thoughts wittiest think about this do you share the feelings that Olivia Munn has or do you have a totally different feeling and also how do you feel not Kinz Berg is kind of gone from this whole franchise and the franchise kind of crashed and burned almost like a phoenix in a way how do you guys feel about the Fox franchise looking back at it I think it definitely had some very high highs but also unfortunately was offset by some very low lows but comp blow and we'll see you later

42 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Was Frustrated By "Lack of X-Men Knowledge" From Singer & Kinberg”

  1. The fox movies should have never made apacalypse or dark pheonix and just end with logan and I would respect it more

  2. I mean this was obvious . From beginning to end shows they lack knowledge . Look at some of the characters cyclops , Emma , storm , angel , iceman , rogue I mean I can keep goin if y’all want

  3. should we be surprised. haha i expect feige to do theses characters justice, along with whatever twist they plan on giving us. haha

  4. The way they treated Cyclops from the start was enough for that to be obvious. It never made sense to me why he wouldn't be the lead of the ensemble and Wolverine the stand out side character given just enough time justify a spin-off series of movies. Honestly I wish Scott was just sidelined but instead they pretty much ruined his reputation outside of comics. I mean they did as much as possible to make the viewer root for him to lose his girlfriend and his leading role on the team to Logan.

  5. I can sense another multi-movie universe with X-Men from Marvel. But this time, it may be centered around Apocalypse. And if that’s the case, I’m all aboard. I can only hope they get Archangel done right this time.

    We also got a sense of the special effect with Juggernaut in Deadpool. So hopefully they can perfect it.

    And as far as Nightcrawler concerned. I think it’s been proven, having someone dressed up as Nightcrawler…well, just looks ridiculous. If Hollywood can bring Gollum to life from LOTR, then they should seriously consider using the same method with Nightcrawler. In the comics, he hardly ever walks “up-right.”

    Lastly, please make Scott Summers, the lead hero, instead of Wolverine. X-Men has always been about Cyclops and Jean. Give this guy his chance to shine!

  6. Fun fact. Kinberg and Singer crafted X3 way before Ratner got involved. Convenient fall guy for there mistakes.

  7. I remember Singer proudly said he didn't read the comics on the first film. I'm disappointed he didn't study up by the time DOFP came around. Smh what a fucking joke. It explains why Mystique is so badly written.

  8. I remember when she got cast for that role, she was my first pick to play as Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke, wonder if she'll come back to that role if given the opportunity

    PS: I think she's right, honestly, you make a film franchise based on one of the greatest comic lines, but you don't let them research the roles that they are portraying, that's messed up and you have no knowledge whatsoever of the franchise, in my honest opinion, you are asking for failure at that point

  9. Olivia can go fuck herself. For years on “Attack of the Show” she took zero time to get to know the community, produces they were reviewing, fandom, and everything techy or nerdy.

    She only used her sex appeal to get through the show and interviews (because she had no idea what to ask because she never took the time to prepare) and on top of that she makes fun of people who watch and support her.

    Literally the only reason she has a job is because she’s “hot” I’d rather have someone that knows what they’re talking about and has a passion in the industry.
    Again, Olivia can go fuck herself.

  10. I would have her come back as the ninja that Betsy Braddock's brain is put in to be honest but after you introduce and firmly establish both Captain Britain and the X-Men.

  11. Yes! Maybe I'm an X-Men elitist lol.. but my comic reading started with X-Men in 1991 and haven't stop since! Fox had some Great Movies, but not one felt like the X-Men. Yea Old Man Logan has OML feels of course and Deadpool was extremely faithful to the spirit of deadpool. But agree with Olivia Munn. And it's not like I expect a perfect adaptation based on source material… just gotta be faithful to who the characters and team are.

  12. Lol and idiots say marvel doesn’t respect the source material. Fox been doing this for years just stomps on the source material

  13. Trying to make a comic book movie without researching and understanding the characters is absolutely moronic

  14. I think we were all us "X-fans" were frustrated w/ Fox's lack of X-men knowledge (which is why I never really liked any of the
    "FoX-men" franchise of films). But I have high hopes for the X-men in the MCU, especially w/ Kevin Feige at the helm (since he was secretly giving the actors X-men advice behind sorry Singer's back).

  15. She messed up passing up on Deadpool…to be in that. She gave up a great role to be in a cameo for Xmen.

  16. That is not a surprise,Some people wanna hate on the MCU but Kevin Feige knows his comic book knowledge unlike Simon Kinberg or Avi Arad for that fact.

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