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How to find peer reviewed Education articles. So, you need to find peer reviewed articles for an assignment. First, what is a peer reviewed article? A peer-reviewed article is one that has been
reviewed by scholars who are subject specialists in the same field as the author. The group of peer reviewers can accept an
article for publication, request revisions before publication or reject an article. Because of this process, peer-reviewed articles
and journals are considered the most authoritative and reliable sources for academic research. Next, how do you find one? The best way to start is to navigate to the
M.Ed. library guide. The M.Ed. guide is linked in BlackBoard
from the Library tab. Once you’ve reached the Welcome page of the guide, click Find Articles. Then choose peer reviewed articles. Follow the instructions and start by selecting
keywords for your topic since you can’t search with sentences or questions
like you can in Google. For example, if your research question is, “What is the effect of the flipped classroom
on math skills?” your first keywords would be
“flipped classroom” AND math Once you have your keywords, you’re ready to use
[email protected], our catalog that looks for articles in many databases at once, or if you prefer, choose an individual education database. If you use [email protected] it’s
important to sign in so you maximize the number of results you receive. After you sign in, enter your keywords, and
click search. Then click on peer reviewed articles to filter
out sources like newspapers and magazines that are not peer reviewed. If you search an individual database,
be sure to check a box that says “peer reviewed” or “scholarly Journals”. In some databases, you will only see the peer
reviewed filter option if you’re using the Advanced Search feature. In a Gale database, choose Advanced Search,
then look for the box that says, “peer reviewed journals”. Some databases, like the Sage database,
don’t include a box to check because all of the articles are peer reviewed. You can also search Google Scholar for articles,
but there’s no peer reviewed box to check and not all of the articles are peer reviewed. You’ll need to investigate each journal
to find out if it’s peer reviewed. Finally, if your keywords aren’t finding
the articles you’re looking for, you’ll want to try additional keywords. The Search tips page of the M.Ed. library
guide provides search tips, examples of keyword brainstorming and an advanced search example. And that’s how to find peer-reviewed Education articles. If you have questions, ask a librarian, we’re here to help.

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  1. Please watch the update video at https://youtu.be/kz-Alk_wV4k for up to date information and screenshots!

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