Old master Painting in acrylic Diary # 1 acrylic painting ,clive5art

and welcome to my first yeah and the video diary yes it's the first entry in the Jason Bowen and clay favored challenge to do a reproduction of an old master so Jason is doing his own painting I'm not going to spoil that for you but I'm actually working on look yes Thomas Gainsborough's painting of John Klump in yes and that is a roundabout 1752 so the full title of the painting is John Klump in its originally I'll on canvas which is a dimensions of 50 point tool by sixty point three centimeters so I got my canvas ready here there we go I got my canvas ready as you can see that's already did off and I know be working on that so I got a grid it out and get this fantastic painting done as best i can i'm i'm hoping i'm hoping it's going to be really good I don't know it was actually acquired by the National Gallery in 1951 and it was bequeathed by 30 more Turner the inventory number that I got in front of me as you can see is ng 5 9 8 4 on its location in the guy is room 35 so Papa long if you've got the chance to go to the National Gallery I really emphasize if you won't you you'll be absolutely astounded by the amount of work this amendment fantastic paintings visited the few times myself plan anyway that the long story short let's actually have a look after the painting so as you could see there is mr. plump in there with his faithful dog and in the background you've got some rolling hills and a church and he's actually resting his his old legs there because he's taken a dog for a walk and against the tree and he saw something in his hand I don't know what I think is gonna have to investigate that see what that is but wish me luck because it is the middle of April I'm not going to say what year because I don't want to date my video and well let's see what happens on the next diary so who knows this could take me six months to a year to actually complete but I'm really excited and I got a thank you sand actually prompting me on this challenge so until next time I'll see you there like hello Jason oh five okay deep breath okay it is just wrong yeah I mean are we in the studio together actually in my studio people would believe you – so yeah honesty means we have to sit there talk to each other like this alright oh right Clive yeah it doesn't look fun

8 thoughts on “Old master Painting in acrylic Diary # 1 acrylic painting ,clive5art”

  1. lol @ your bloopers. I think that the guy you are painting Clive… could be courting the girl Jason is painting. lol Ya I am a weirdo to see that. 😀 I am so looking forward to seeing your work. I could certainly not do that type of thing at this time. But you never know I may surprise myself someday. 😀 Biggest ART Hugs to both you and Jason. And Happy Painting!

  2. Looking forward to this, it's very easy to just keep painting what you are comfortable with so it's great to see people really pushing themselves.

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