Old Diego Maradona Has More Skills Than Today's "Superstars" (RARE)

40 thoughts on “Old Diego Maradona Has More Skills Than Today's "Superstars" (RARE)”

  1. Maradona was a fantastic player but he was a CHEAT. He will forever be remembered as a cheat. It ruined his legacy.

  2. I assure you Maradona can comeback to football if he gets rid of that belly and be better than half professional players today, especially Gomes and Arda Turan 😂

  3. The greastest drug lord that ever live in Argentina his skills and life hand of god the say think its more like had of a cheat

  4. Not a football fan but fuck me this chunky looking Hispanic (oops italian) man is truly skilled and it's only rare because he's probably not a devil worshiper like all these modern satanic stars

  5. Amo a messi soy super fanatico de el, pero El mas grande de la historia del futbol sin duda es diego⚽️👑

  6. The one and only Maradona. He was a true leader. When he was on the pitch the player's around him had to perform 110% just because Maradona was the captain on the team. Unfortunately Messi is a great player but he is not a leader he doesn't have that quality in him.

  7. without maradona there would be no superstars today , greatest player i think , best skill , and really made football universal . Also he paved the way for players to play in different leagues . He is a special figure in football , like cryuff , and of course cantona lol

  8. ,R9, Maradonna,Romario and Ronaldinho are the best talents ever not to reach their full potential.Not sure if I should say Adriano too.Yet conquered the sport.When I say not to reach their full potential i mean like over 100% off the charts stats . Super sehon talent.

  9. The respect Maradonna has for Ronaldinho says a lot about Ronaldinhos talent. Not many players seem to have that special respect of Maradonna but Ronaldinho does but not even Pele😊.Diego's talent is effortless just like Ronaldinho,R9 and Messi and Romario.Diego is one of the greatest that didn't even reach his full potential yet what he has makes him in the top 5 best players to play the game.

  10. El más grande jugador de todos los tiempos sin dudas , completamente completo. Cambio el fútbol mundial en la creatividad y liderazgo después de todo lo que hizo con la pelota ya todo creado ahora por el.

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