29 thoughts on “Oklahoma teacher strike: 'I have 29 textbooks for 87 pupils' – BBC News”

  1. If the United States wants to be seen as a super power, they should at least put much more of a higher priority on the citizens.

  2. Our school is slowly getting less funding I can see that we half to share now but we used to get enough for each

  3. Oklahoma needs to wake up, keep cutting education and you won't have a skilled workforce in 10- 20 years because the kids you're under funding today or not going to have the basic skills needed for the future. You want engineers, doctors, nurses, plumbers, electricians, oilfield workers, lawyers etc? They'll need more than basic math, English and Sciences to get those jobs. They also won't have any extracurricular activities to compete with other students for placements in universities either. What a joke.

  4. It would be a nice idea to have an exchange program with us in California during the summer. 1 week of voluntary work done by us LA teachers in Oklahoma. Just house us and feed us for 1 week and educate us about Oklahoma. We can do some serious intervention strategies with those below grade level readers for a series of 4 weeks using any agreed upon program that either of us has taught by 4 teachers. Each teacher gets a 7 day stay to teach Monday-Saturday for 3 or 4 hours. The rest of the day can be used by the teacher to explore the state of Oklahoma with host Government officials or school board members. In Los Angeles, we have an exchange program with China. Except we don't exactly teach over there. The difference here is that we would actually teach as voluntary work but our 1 week of living expenses and food would be covered by the city and its people. It would be a great way to bring awareness to each other's struggles as educators.

  5. Wow. She is having a real hard life. It must be tough to drive a $45,000 truck and has a house, but works two jobs. But the student conditions are appalling.

  6. "When are you going to get married? Have a kid? Start your life?"
    She has a career as a teacher! If her family is really asking that, well fuck them! She HAS a life!

  7. I feel like digitalizing can help in the long run because there can be an several workbooks on a single computer or tablet. These computers and laptops last longer than books make for more space rather than a bucket of them. No need for lugging around text book. My brothers middle school does this so doesn’t the high school (I’m online schooled with teachers so not actual homeschooling). It’s a good idea for high grades that are capable of using the technology. Why this hasn’t expanded is sorta strange but not so strange because it’s such a new thing. Like schools can provide a chrome book or kids bring their on laptop.

  8. Most of my teachers has a secondary job just to live. My geography teacher works for a national grading company yearly and has to miss our final exams, my English teacher sells her professional artwork, my art teacher sells her art as well as waitresses, my other art teacher works as an OB at the hospital, although my science teacher lives off of her first jobs high leftover income and my math teacher relies on her husband.

  9. Tell the students to buy their own textbooks? That's what happens in every other country on the planet. Honestly communists these days just seem to believe people have no agency at all.

  10. A school cutting a day a week is utterly disgraceful! It’s over a year later I hope it’s improved.

  11. This so sad, teachers are what turns us to who we are today, if anything they should be paid as one as the most high paying jobs. I mean you can't do ANY job if you have no basic education; to do that you need to learn. This is also a problem in NZ, my teachers are also going on strike next week.

  12. As much as us students hate teachers sometimes, we have to admit the way they are treated is not fair. Teachers have one of the most important, if not the most important job on the planet and yet they’re so underpaid. Smh

  13. In my school, we have 10 textbooks between 30 my school is a voluntary aided school and we're broke . There are not any tissues in the art and science department what's ridiculous. Cos what are you meant to do when a chemical goes everywhere. There are holes in the wall.

  14. I live in Oklahoma. There is so much money in the budget for schools. Most people don't realize that SO MUCH of it goes to the superintendents. We have far too many of them and most of them get paid far too much.

  15. Back in the day, when all learning was done by rote, this wasn't a problem. Teachers drilled math with no textbook, kids copied off the board, and since there was no xerox machine they had to copy the questions/instructions off the blackboard. If you were dyslexic, dysgraphic, or had learning problems, you struggled until 14, then dropped out and went to work in the farm or factory. Now we have to make the learning "fun" and "engaging" so the teacher has to do more work.

  16. I’d like to be able to relate, but I’m a girl from a fancy private school (one of the cool ones, not the uniforms-and-rules ones) so I can’t relate.

  17. My dad made $40,000 more than them a year, working as a mechanics supervisor at a factory. Literally more than double their salary. And we were middle class. That's..insane. Our educators should be amongst the highest paid individuals. Yet they're some of the lowest.

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