Office Cleaning – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Sir, you purse has fallen down, take it. Why don’t you see ahead and walk? Sir!! Sir your purse, it was fallen there. You both are very loyal, tell me what reward I should give? We don’t want any reward, if possible please give us some job. You can come to my company and do the cleaning work; I wanted some loyal people like you. Thank you sir!! After a long time, we have got some good work. We have to work hard. Ok sir. Good morning sir!! Good morning. Boss, what happened? Motu Patlu, help!!!!! Yes sir!! You both have put so much soap everywhere. I will. Control, control, they are very sincere people. This is an important file of our project, keep it safely please. Hey, what have you done? Oh, my project file. What have you done, Motu Patlu? Sorry sir, sorry, you should not have kept your windows open. How dare you blame the boss for what you have done, get out. Control, he is a honest person, nowadays you don’t find such person. You both take care and do your work, and please close this window. Yes sir!! Control, they are honest people, control. Come on, let us clean the fan, look how dirty it is. Ok fine, I am tall so I will clean the fan, till then you can clean the switch board. Help!! Switch of the fan, switch it off!!! Look there. Motu, you can’t do any work without creating some problem or what? Sorry, I will clean up all this mess right now. Forgive us. Come, let us clean this office so nicely so that the boss get relaxed after looking at it. All right, let me do it.Boss is upset, because of me. No, I will clean it, you always mess it up. I will do it, give it to me. No, you will not do it, I will do it. No, I will do it. No, I won’t leave. Give it to me, I will do it. Leave it!! I will clean it. I said, give it to me. I will do it. I will do it. I said, I will do it. I will do it, I told you once and that’s it. I said, I will clean it. No, not you. I will clean it. Motu!!! Patlu!!! I think, that voice was of our boss. Boss, where are you? Boss, where are you? Motu Patlu, what are you doing? Oh my god! This office was in a mess. Motu Patlu, I won’t leave you all. Motu Patlu, I won’t let you go!! Boss control, he is an honest person, nowadays you don’t find such person. I can lose money but cannot lose my life. I won’t let them go. Catch them!! Don’t them escape!!

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