OERu – Open New Doors to Higher Education

OERu is an innovative, international network
of higher-education institutions, inspired by the vision of widening worldwide access
to credible and affordable education. OERu partners offer open online courses and new pathways, to gain academic credits towards qualifications from quality,
accredited-institutions. Partners from across five continents are working
together, to build cost-effective open-source solutions for more sustainable education. Institutions assemble two courses from open-access
materials for independent study, and recoup costs for learner assessment
on a fee-for-service basis. By joining OERu, Partner institutions can reach
a global audience, raise brand awareness, increase access to more diverse markets,
and better achieve community-service goals. Sign up as an OERu Partner today,
and gain access to world-class expertise, in using open source cloud-based technologies,
for cooperative course design, development and delivery. Gain access to open courses for local re-use,
and help make education more cost effective and sustainable. Join a globally recognised, open-educational
resources collaboration, and open new doors to higher education. Sign-up today at oeru.org

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