OER (Open Educational Resources) Introduction II

there is no question that our world is evolving our tools are a global community and above all the way that we communicate it can be argued that the highest form of communication is education the passing of knowledge through time new forms of communication are illuminating new opportunity for educators and students alike this opportunity is why open education resources matter open education resources are teaching learning and research tools that reside in the public domain they are completely free for use and repurposing let's face it ideas and knowledge are spreading faster than traditional forms of learning can keep up with this raises problems like relevance of material and cost-effectiveness for schools wouldn't it be revolutionary to have a sustainable form of education that is relevant constantly updating and completely free the revolution is here users of open educational resources have absolutely free access to full courses course materials textbooks streaming videos software and other priceless tools in addition users have complete permission to revise reuse remix and redistribute all open educational resources imagine the classroom of the future biology students in Haiti can wirelessly study tidal patterns of the northern Atlantic Ocean history students in California can take a Street View tour of historic Gettysburg textbooks can wirelessly update with the most recent information free of charge these are an educational pipe dreams or fluffy notions these are very real tools that need to be shared and implement it everywhere experience education the way it is intended with relevance and community experience the revolution of open educational resources

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