OCW Educator: Sharing teaching approaches and materials from MIT with educators everywhere, for free

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free and open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses in the entire MIT curriculum and used by millions of learners and educators around the world OCW educator is a faculty inspired initiative to share teaching approaches and materials from MIT with educators everywhere for free instructors share their instructional insights via this course at MIT sections of their OCW course publications these sections illustrate how the course was taught on campus and include a course overview course outcomes curriculum information student demographics and personal interviews with faculty about how they taught the course many MIT instructors share a variety of teaching materials with educators including resources like lecture notes video lectures exams and assignments and special elements like demonstrations these materials like all materials on OCW are made for sharing download files for later share with students modify remix and reuse in your teaching just remember to cite OCW as the source Oh CW educator is now making it easier to find the teaching materials and instructional insights you need faster use the finder on the OCW educator portal to search for resources you can search by instructional approach or you can search for teaching materials by subject area you can also use the OCW educator portal to find other resources like OCW courses about teaching an education or pedagogy highlights and course introduction videos for more information about what inspired MIT faculty to begin the OCW educator initiative we're excited about this and we welcome you to start using and sharing OCW educator

8 thoughts on “OCW Educator: Sharing teaching approaches and materials from MIT with educators everywhere, for free”

  1. MIT proving again you can be Elite without being an Elitist. This is such a brilliant resource, especially to those who live outside the US. The text book cornerstone of academia can be a real pain when you study/live in developing countries, The Cost! So making the content available online is brill. I really hope folks use this resource.

  2. This is the best college in the world. I've read around 104 articles about mit. I've heard you can get a scholarship to mit by inventing something scintillating and dazziling is this true. can i get accepted there if i invent something amazing and useful to the world?

  3. What shoud i do to study in M.I.T university ? It's need alot of mony ,that if i had this huge amount of mouny i will not think to study any more !

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