Ocean Bay Elementary named National Blue Ribbon School

Good afternoon, seven students,
please pardon this interruption. This is Mrs Schroyer and we have some
very exciting news to share with you. Ocean Bay elementary school has been
named a National Blue Ribbon School for academic excellence by
the United States Department of Education. I am absolutely thrilled to really share
this recognition with our students. It’s because of the work that they do,
that we are honored for the National Blue Ribbon award. I found out yesterday, it was embargoed
information until this afternoon. And when I first found out,
I was filled with emotion. To know that this honor is
being shared with our community who pours into this building,
from students like I said, to staff members, all staff, all staff. Not just teachers, support staff members,
our cafeteria manager, our cleaning crew, every one of our team here at Ocean Bay
elementary school works together and that’s why I am just embracing
the fact that this is shared success. I’m the principal, being here in
front of you on camera today, but this is a building wide celebration. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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