Obviously Thanos is Evil. He’s also Wrong.

Welcome to Out of Frame. Today we’re
going to talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is most powerful villain and
why his plan is not only evil but also super dumb.
Sorry, Thanos. I’m looking at you for those of you who haven’t seen Avengers
infinity war this video is going to spoil a lot of that movie you’ve been
warned for those who have seen the movie or don’t care let’s recap a bit Thanos
otherwise known as the mad Titan is a massively powerful and iron-willed
character whose main goal is to destroy half of all life in the universe
he’s a plague Tony he invades plan if he takes what he wants he wipes out half
the population Thanos has been collecting Infinity stones and amassing
power in the background of every Marvel movie for the last 10 years without
going down a ridiculous comic book rabbit hole all you really need to know
about the Infinity stones is that they’re basically magical space gems
that each control an aspect of the universe time-space reality power mind
and living Souls Thanos wants them because when combined and harnessed they
will make him an all-powerful God and finally in Avengers infinity war he
succeeds and can now execute his horrifying plan with a literal snap of
his fingers here’s the thing murdering trillions of people in an instant is
clearly evil I don’t really think I need to explain that to anybody the film does
a pretty good job of rejecting Thanos plan on those grounds under survivor who
wants to murder trillions where people seem to run into more trouble and get
confused is that Thanos as stated motivation in the film is actually a
somewhat popular but exceptionally dangerous idea that many people believe
in real life in a key scene the mad Titan lays out his reasoning
it’s a simple calculus this universe is finite its resources finite his life is
left unchecked life who ceased to exist it needs care you don’t know that I’m
the only one who knows that at least I’m the only one with the will to act on it
Thanos believes that the universe is overpopulated there are too many people
and not enough resources to go around now
real quick for the sake of this video we’re just going to ignore the question
of why families wouldn’t just make double the resources if he was
all-powerful he’s an evil comic-book villain so I guess that doesn’t occur to
him instead he believes that if he eliminates half the population then
every one remaining will be better off and if you don’t think about it very
much the idea that the universe would be overpopulated sounds like it might be
true and it’s carries this is there are many people who agree with Thanos that
there are too many people on earth as far back as 1798 Thomas Robert Malthus
published a paper called an essay on the principle of population in which he by
thanos argued that the future of an unchecked population was bleep to quote
Malthus the power of population is so superior to the power of the earth to
produce subsistence for man that premature death must in some shape or
other visit the human race sound familiar
Titan was like most planets 20 mounds not enough to go around and
when we faced extinction I offered a solution
Malthus believed that human vices murder disease and even warfare were all
holding back an even greater catastrophe in the same essay he predicted that if
population increased at a constant rate the world would add 1 billion people
every 25 years if he had been right there would be about 10 billion people
in the world by now though there are only seven point six billion and more
and more of us would be dying of starvation every single day Malthus
wasn’t right but his ideas caught on flash-forward to 1968 when Stanford
University biology professor Paul Ehrlich and his wife Ann wrote another
extremely influential book called the Population Bomb like Malthus and Thanos
they argued that without a dramatic reduction in the global population there
would be mass starvation air lick writes quote the battle to feed all of humanity
is over in the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death
in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now at this late date nothing can
prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate but his prediction
didn’t happen yet in spite of being completely wrong Paul Ehrlich clung to
his beliefs he was so certain that in 1980 he accepted a wager with University
of Maryland business professor Julian Simon Simon challenged Eric to pick any
basket of raw materials he wished and a time period of over one year and bet
that those resources would be cheaper in inflation-adjusted terms over that time
period Eric chose copper chromium nickel tin
and tungsten and a period of ten years when the bet expired in October 1990 air
Lacroix’s wrong on all counts every commodity he chose was more
available and cheaper than it was when he made the bet and that was in spite of
the largest growth in population of any decade in history so what happened
well like Thanos Malthus and heir lik misunderstood both the nature of natural
resources and the origin of material prosperity contrary to what they
believed economies are not zero-sum wealth is not something that just exists
in the world inherently and then has to be divided up between
people competing for whatever is available instead wealth is a creation
of human ingenuity and expands with every new valuable innovation the more
we are able to specialize and trade freely with other people the faster
those innovations build off of each other to raise people’s standard of
living likewise what we call natural resources while finite in a technical
sense are mainly limited by our imagination and understanding of how to
use them 150 years ago crude oil was found all over the world but nobody knew
what to do with it so we just thought of it as useless black goo we burned cow
dung and killed whales to heat and light our homes new technology will eventually
replace oil and could easily be based on new resources no one dreamed of a
generation ago always remember that more people doesn’t
just mean more mouths to feed it also means more Minds to create and more
hands to build as long as people are free to be entrepreneurial and explore
new ideas in a context where other people are also free to decide for
themselves which innovations are valuable to them then wealth will
increase and that’s exactly what’s happened in the real world wherever
there are private property rights low barriers to entrepreneurship and free
trade the global population is now over seven times what it was when Malthus
wrote his essay and yet in the last thirty years alone
have cut extreme poverty in half fewer people are dying of starvation today
than ever per capita incomes are higher child
labour is down it turns out that the main problem was never that the world
was overpopulated but that its people were never free enough to create wealth
and when they did create something new and valuable they weren’t allowed to
keep it most of history is a story of authoritarian top-down control power
struggles and war rulers like Thanos use violence to amass power and impose their
own vision on society by force in Avengers infinity war
Thanos claims that his own world was ravaged by poverty and that committing
genocide against half the population would have solved the problem now that
he has all the power in the universe he is ready to do the same on an epic scale
tragically the movie itself doesn’t actually offer much of a
counter-argument to that osis mistaken ideas only a rejection of his evil
methods this is a shame both are wrong but while everybody already recognizes
that genocide is bad there are still tons of people out there who believe
he’s right about everything else he’s not with the world and the universe
needs is more wealth and more freedom not fewer people
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100 thoughts on “Obviously Thanos is Evil. He’s also Wrong.”

  1. Dude, do you realize that you've simply described the fundamental differences between liberalism and conservatism? Thanos is that uber liberal who thinks he knows better than everyone else, sees everything as a zero some game and wants to use power to force his will on everyone else. Conservatism and a respect for individual liberties creates the conditions to come up with solutions like quantum space travel and nanotechnology.

  2. Thanos did get 1 thing right the stones are a source of temptation here's a thought as well if Thanos did add more resources to the universe how much would that hold back new ideas if people stick with the old ideas that is a debate all on its own

  3. i wished they just stayed with thanos's original intentions in the comic book. He loves lady death and just wants to impress her. Lady death being an actual person… or well.. a god of some sort

  4. Well Thanos theory could actually be right , if the snap used to erase all the world's criminal and sick old people population thus only people who'll actively contribute to society are left.

  5. i'dont think humanes will be enxting because in the future it will be technology to make plants grow more faster and that waht thanos should have done hi kould double the resores but instead hi crated much more problems and wars and complect everything

  6. Think of us as a table,

    remove a leg, we fall. Remove two, we fall. However, if we all hold the table together. It's stable. We need to all unite and hold that weight together. Yes, pollution is bad, overpopulation is bad, but together. We could work around that. Think about it, imagine one person, forming a project. That could take years. Now, imagine billions of people. That could take only one year.

    Also, our birth rates are going down. So you can get rid of that "NO MORE NATURAL RESOURCES" argument.

  7. Fools arguing over comic book characters while our civilization atrophies before our eyes. No wonder America is dying.

  8. Mathus isn't right, yet. You see our universe has no magic rocks that grants wishes. Our planets resources are finite. The more people we have the faster the material dwindles to sustain them. Simple pure math.

    No fantasy tech is going to save us bud.

    More wealth isn't going to save us. Pure idiocy. You dream to much, and think to little.

    Lol, your only counter argument is based on the fact that overpopulation hasn't happened yet. The absolute counter to this is, time. We shall see in time.

  9. By my calculations, the easiest way to help a human is simply to destory it.
    There's no point in prolonging a laughably fragile life.
    It's the most efficent way to assist them.
    Any other effort help tends to result in numerous side-effects.
    Therefore it's better to hasten the human's death and put them out of their likely chance of misery than deplete world's limited resources.

  10. What nonsense. Its a law of physics on a finite planet. Overpopulation can only be solved by reducing the population.

  11. It’s weird how Tony spent all this time relaxing haunted but could have been making technology to transport people to another planet that can support life or make more technology that can make life possible on another planet

  12. the thing is what happens when humanity stops going forward and goes backward.Like from generation to generation people become stupidier.Is there any crazy ass scenario thanoses plan would work or is it imposible

  13. Also the notion that this would be a permanent fix is dumb. So you half a population, what is keeping them from replenishing themselves in under a century? On a universal timescale, that is nothing.

    Now if you really want to curb population growth, Thanos would have needed to target the females reproductive cycle. Kill nobody, just make sure that only a very small amount of females had the option to have more than 2 kids.

  14. Funny to think that Thanos' comic book motivations made more sense, originally he was just in love with the personification of death and wanted to please her, obviously being in love with the grim reaper is sort of crazy, but wanting to wipe out half the universe cus it's overpopulated is crazy and idiotic.

  15. So the reason why the world is not dying is because we have free people. To do what we want there are to problems if more people are born lazy there will eventually ne to many people to create or to little space to create what we need but that will be centuries and maybe even millennias inti the future or until The US is destroyed.

  16. Are you an idiot ? Of course more population means more ( poor ) mouths to feed and the only reason there was nothing happening in the 70's is because of industrial revolution you should know that.. its a simple calculus, the poor obviously make more babies than the rich and therefore it will increase poverty and also companies's growth because there will be no more human values and people already go to work for 1 dollar per hours today.. what you say in pure bullshit lol. Just say thanks to industrial revolution but now we've achieved a goal and cannot go further in order to produce more without hurting the environment

  17. If anything, people like Thanos, who want people to be less free, will only make things worse and ultimately see their vision of a doomed world realized.

  18. Thanos's plan I flawed in more ways than just one though. Aside from the obvious, that economies, government and societies will crumble, more people will starve and indirectly, killing 50% of life would kill at least 2/3 of what's left minimum. It's that, even if, hypothetically speaking, his plan worked, it's temporary. Population will increase and keep increasing and within a few centiluries we'd have the same problem again. But if kept repeating the snap thing over and over, every time this happened, eventually we'd go extinct. Either through lack of natural resources such as live stock and plants (yes it was confirmed that they were snapped away too) or due to getting dusted away ourselves. The idea of making more resources is the same. 'The universe is finite'. Thanos said so himself. To an extent it's true. The universe is finite and if you create more resources than population will catch up. Then you'd have to create more resources or we'd be back to the same problem. It can't be done over and over because;

    A. People, living creatures are greedy and selfish. They're take more resources for themselves thinking the supply is endless. Then we are back to square one.

    B. Even if thanos went with that idea, he'd have to keep snapping every few centuries. He'd die eventually. Perhaps before he can even do the snap again for the second time. Either from the amount of strength it takes because he was weakened from the first snap. Or because he wouldn't live long enough. Giving something as powerful as the gauntlet to someone else so they can snap for him or leaving it for someone to find is dangerous because of how powerful it is. Thabos said hinslef that he's 'the only one who knows' So who would he even give the gauntlet to. So if he tried to make more resources it just wouldn't work.

    Overpopulation is something that's not solved by the snap of your fingers but ingenuity, hard work, cooperation and the freedom to do so. I feel like thanos sees this as a food chain thing. Like in science they teach us that an ecoaystwm is well balanced and that the increase of one speices causes a decrease in another. Killing half of the doga will cause an increase in the number of cats but a decrease in the number of mice or rats(only example of ould think of rn). Human society isn't like that. Even though things loomed peaceful in the beginning of endgame, it was chaos five years prior in the end of infinity war. Let's not forget that the marvel universe has superheroes who are heavily relied upon. If they suddenly disappeared then the sypervilous that remain would have an opening. Even though the number of villains probably decreased too, some villains take multiple heroes to defeat. This would make things much worse. Thanos needs to be given an economics and philosophy lesson. Sand perhaps admitted to a mental asylum as it's confirmed he is an unstable individual.

  19. Couldn’t thanos just double the resources of the universe? Or something like that with the infinity gauntlet?

  20. Wouldn't doubling the resources only compound the problem? It's not so much that there aren't enough resources, it's more so that there's too much life. Which, if you really look into it; those two concepts are not the same.

    Let's ask a different question. We as humans use hunting and controlled extermination in order to keep populations of animals under control. Example: The rabbit population in Australia. So why is it okay for humans to exterminate innocent creatures on a scale to prevent damage, but when that concept is expanded to a universal scale; suddenly it's flawed in every conceivable way?

  21. The Interesting thing about Thanos isn’t that he’s right. It’s how he arrives to that conclusion that makes him interesting.

  22. Spoiler here
    I saw Endgame and in the battle Thanos said he thought the universe would b grateful for his idea to bring universal balance but they wanted everything back the way it was. This statement proves just how crazy delusional Thanos really is and should b committed.

  23. Cutting poverty in half and decreasing starvation has actually lead to a reduction in population growth. Genocide of half the population would only take us back 30 years and the population would be right back to were it is today in thirty years. In addition because it affected all creatures it would plunge some species on the edge (pandas, tigers, and condors) into extinction.

  24. thanos isn't that bad, yes there are too many people and the world will never be at peace nevertheless, if half population was wiped human race will take a step back and reset.

  25. This video is wrong in so many ways.

    Resources are not finite in a “technical” sense. They are finite. Period. That we dig things out of the ground at ever faster rates to make them cheaper does not make them any less finite, it just makes them run out faster.

    Poverty is reduced…sure in select populations that are privileged. In plenty of places in the world, poverty is every grinding as always.

    Totally ignores the ever increasing levels of pollution

    Totally ignores the ever increase in species extinctions

    Bees,the building blocks of food production are in trouble.

    Oceans are a plastic mess, with plastic waste found in the most remote, inaccessible corners.

    Water resources/aquifers are dwindling

    Ignores a lot to promote his thesis.

  26. 2:47
    Well, I mean, then, the problem won’t be solved : The population will keep expanding and then almost completely die

    According to him, after he uses the Stones for his one-time snap, the population will learn and accept his philosophy and repeat the culling in the future

    I mean, that’s exactly because of the opposite reaction Humanity has had for this plan that Thanos (SPOILER ALERT….

    changes his mind in Endgame and wants to LITERALLY RECREATE the whole universe

  27. sounds like wishful thinking. You can have 30 or 50 billion people on earth, and humanity will youst build new ways to live or survive. To what point, can you have a population of 500 billion people on earth? Is that sustainable? How about 1 trillion?

  28. thanos is wrong and no need an explanation ,killing half of universe is a genocide , if some people are agree with this retarded idea they must be ok with murdering !

  29. Endgame did a horrible job of showing this, Far From Home even more. What more could we expect from the Far Left in Hollywood……….

  30. If I were one of the super guys I would have made a deal with Thanos, such as, leave the supers alone and snap 3/4 of the normal humans on earth (mostly The East) out of existence. And kind of focus on the elderly and infirm. And include all the illegal poachers in Africa and Asia and Warlords in Africa and the mean people of the world too. There! That should take care of it.

  31. You only looked at the mortals and their pathetic society. This is about the universe and the nature of it's existence. So far, only us gods recognize the problem of mortals and their population. You need to be destroyed before you destroy the universes you live in.

  32. Nevertheless people never make the case against the Avenger's .Think about it from Thanos view point ,during the conversion on Titan he briefly mentioned something that indicates that he has opinions on class .I think if the writer's expanded on this than his convictions would make more sense because class has never actually been explored in this franchise .Think about it from a civilian's view nearly the entire cast of Avenger's never experience problems like poverty and people like Toney have no interest in sharing their technology with the general public and the stones at that point are never used to solve real world problems like energy or the lack of it .

  33. Apart from the genocide, he is actually right about everything else. You, Living in the states can't possibly imagine what goes down in overpopulated countries. I'm guessing you don't have the slightest idea of what competition among billions is like. But again, you can't comment about it because you probably haven't experienced it. Only if you did, you'll know what it's like. If you wanna try it, come down to South East Asia sometime, live a few years and you'll know.

  34. You keep saying economics when you clearly mean capitalism. Capitalism is a form of economy and collapsing it with economy just makes you seem disingenuous.

  35. I think you are wrong because the mcu has a lot of planets so we can’t just count earth but nice analysis anywya

  36. If you have also watched Dragon Ball Super, remember there was an antagonist in the series who had nearly similar ideals to that of Thanos, Zamasu. Zamasu wanted to exterminate all mortals just like Thanos wanted to exterminate half of all life in the universe. But during the end of the arc, Future Trunks proves Zamasu wrong saying that Zamasu was a person who believed in no one but himself. Thanos also faces the same problem where he believes only in himself. So his philosophy was definitely wrong.

  37. The fact that you're taking memes on reddit seriously is hilarious. Literally not one person with common sense thinks Thanos's plan is sound

  38. Thanos killed half of Thor's people!!!! They just had A LOT of people die in Dark World. Thanos is obviously a deranged murderer because he doesn't take that stuff into account AT ALL!

  39. Thanos has a point for sure, but for his plan to keep working, he would have to keep culling half of the universe's intelligent beings' populations every once in awhile to keep populations down.  A one-time fix just delays the problem.

  40. Thanos is just a violent vegan trying to save the plants and animals from humans. Thank God vegans dont have nukes they might go full thanos on us.

  41. If I recall right, didn't the reaper from Mass Effect series have similar motivation for wiping out advanced civilizations.

  42. This is what i always thing i hated thanos bcz he is as dumb as a flat earther or anti vaxxiners
    He doesn't understand how world work
    People will never starve to death if we develope technology better and more
    Accesiblr.to people
    Just imagine if we could harness suns heat to directly produce suger from Co2 and water
    Not even that imagine we could right now create our own sun in nucleaur fusion reactor and then we can harwest same infinite energy as a radiation to chloryphilic machine that can make suger from.CO2 and water.
    In future we will be evem able to produce water fr9m hydrogen(the most abundant element in nature)
    So practically if we had technology to harwest energu to priduce food like how the plants do by photosynthesis we already would have infinite source of food and infinite source of water from hydrogen fusion to produce oxygen
    We can also have infinite supply of oxygen.
    We already have infinite supply of food water and oxygen basic needs of animals,how?
    Here's how, if we had 100B people we could still plant enought trees to make equilibrium where trees will take Co2 released by those people and water from rain to produce food people will eat the food and give out CO2 BACK to the atmosphere also we can use water and put it to oceans which will be back to clouds with the help of sunlight.
    Thats called water cycle food cycle and life cycle.its about equilibrium we can achive that equilibrium for any population be it 1billion or 10billion or 100billion

  43. No. Thanos is partly correct. Infestations must be put in check. Humans are a infestation and it's getting worse. Wars kept us in check and is mainly responsible for technological leaps. Food companies use unnatural fillers to keep up with demand. Cities are expanding and the most treasured resource, farm land is shrinking. Chemicals and gene enhancement to increase yields are used to keep up. Antibiotics are slowly being resisted. The oceans are dying. We won't need a Thanos type situation. We are doing it now. It's already been calculated that 10 billion will be the breaking point. The human race is doomed.

  44. Hey guy I don’t think you watched the movie. The Reality stone doesn’t permanently change things in the movie. The objects changed eventually revert.

  45. The amount of people who support Thanos blows my mind. I think it's "to be different", and not thinking outside it anymore than what he said. It pisses me off NGL lmao. It makes me question someones sanity.

  46. Dont u understand thanos is right

    1.he killed half of the universe instead of detroying the hole universe

    2.he killed the people not in a painful way

    3. And hE is right wE need recources So half of the people have to die or else wE all die


  47. Those people who think that Thanos is a "hero" are absolutely nothing but just plain fucking jerks. They just shut me out four to five weeks ago, telling me that it's just a joke, but you know what? Fuck this. I can take this shit seriously whatever I want, and the people who can comment to me otherwise are gonna get blocked. I hate these exact people. So. Fucking. Much.

  48. Not sure what the argument is just a few hundred years ago there where so less humans and it's only gonna get worse unchecked.

  49. If there is any lesson in the history of ideas, it is that good intentions tell you nothing about the actual consequences. But intellectuals who generate ideas don’t have to pay the consequences.

    Academic intellectuals are shielded by the principles of academic freedom and journalists in democratic societies are shielded by the principle of freedom of the press. Seldom do those who produce or peddle dangerous, or even fatal, ideas have to pay a price, even in a loss of credibility. 👨🏾‍💻 Thomas Sowell

  50. It's also frustrating how edgelords in my school instantly were like "he was technically right though", as if human populations behaved exactly the same as an ant population without farming, GMO, engineering, biofuels, wind and solar power and so on and so on that essentially are a limitless source of energy and materials

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