NYU Steinhardt Dance Education + American Ballet Theatre Pedagogy | Graduate Degree Program

[music]>>NYU, ABT. You don’t get bigger than that.>>It was an amazing
opportunity to get an education through Steinhardt and ABT,
because it’s two very different sides of the same coin. You have the combination
of educational theory with ballet pedagogy. The two usually aren’t seen as cohesive, especially in higher education. But NYU has done an amazing job
to break down those barriers to allow all of us to
understand why we’re actually teaching what we do.>>Through our ABT program
we were required to start with ballet class in the
morning, so most of our mornings were spent at ABT. And we would come to NYU for
all our theoretical classes. My favorite class was the
Creative Movement class.>>Steinhardt, they challenge
you to think outside of the box. Especially as an older male, I was like, “Creative movement? “How could I possibly use this?” And it ended up being the
class that I used the most in my professional career now. It’s the basis of all of my curriculum.>>I also opened myself
up to other dance forms. I took African, I took
the History of Hip Hop, which was awesome. So now, even as a ballet teacher, when I walk into a school,
I could impress them with my history of hip hop,
which they’re always blown away.>>I am currently the
Community Arts Partnership’s Program Manager at Ballet Hispánico. Everything I learned at NYU,
I use at my current job. From building curriculum, lesson plans, to a little bit more of
the administrative side. So, it’s a combination of everything. It has been very beneficial
to me, because I come from a different country
where the education world is structured in a different way. So, it helped me understand
the world that I would be entering here in the United States, and in the workforce as a dance educator.>>I’ve opened my own studio
in South Norwalk, Connecticut. For me, grad school is
not only about knowledge, it’s about the network that you create. NYU and ABT has allowed me to really have the network to be able to grow this studio the way that I think
benefits the kids the most. So, it’s just not me, but
it’s the entire community that NYU has allowed me to have.>>When you’re such a small
program, there’s a large amount of focus on you, and you get
a lot more opportunities. So, to have one on one
ballet classes at ABT with huge, like, big names come in. You really get that experience.>>I got goosebumps
walking down here today. Like, coming through Washington
Square Park, and I was like, “Wow, I am part of an
amazing legacy of NYU.” It’s an amazingly beautiful,
beautiful place for learning. [music]

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