NYFA Australia Study Abroad Student Spotlight on Martin Nikolov

Hi my name is Martin Nicolov and I’m
doing my semester abroad studying acting for film at the New York Film Academy in
Australia. I am currently studying at Vassar
College. I’m a drama and film major there. When I was looking up acting for film
places around the world, NYFA was one of those places which really offered me
a semester studying abroad in an amazing place doing exactly what I want to. A lot
of practical work while being able to transfer my credits to the U.S., which is
something I really wanted to be able to do while I’m abroad at NYFA Australia.
While I was researching where NYFA would be, I managed to see both the
new Southport campus online, see all the facilities that you offer, that you have
a black box theater here, that you have the equipment room with all the amazing
stuff in there. Also, I managed to see that the New York Film Academy has the
facilities over at Village Roadshow Studios. My experience at Village
Roadshow was actually pretty intense, I had two big shoots there and once we got
at Village Roadshow to film it, it felt absolutely like waking up in the morning,
heading to sets, making sure that you have everything, that your entire crew is
there, that everyone is there and happy and is really willing to participate
in that, and just seeing the different things going on around you really pumps
you up. Pirates of the Caribbean was shot there, Thor Ragnarok was shot there, San
Andreas was shot there. All those things definitely managed to make it
feel like a glimpse of the real world. Between writing my own stuff,
collaborating with other people, making sure that I can network and participate
in other of my fellow filmmakers projects as well has been super valuable part of
the experience. It’s been a journey to self-discovery a little bit. I think it’s
incredibly important for people to be able to be in touch with themselves. With
acting, you can feel insecure and you’re allowed to do that and use life to feed
your acting career and to feed your acting passion. I think it’s an
incredibly cool thing that the New York Film Academy has this hands-on education
in which they just throw you into the practice of it all and you get to work
with cameras really, really early on, you manage to see a lot of the different
acting techniques put into practice which is super important for me and
especially coming from a background in which I’ve leaned a little
bit more on theory, I’ve really enjoyed being able to do the specific proven
techniques which have been working for people for over a century now. So, the
Gold Coast has that really good balance of city life down in Surfers and Broad
Beach where everything’s happening. There’s people all the time. It’s a
little bit more touristy and it feels like you’re going on vacation. NYFA
Australia is definitely a place I would recommend just because of the sheer
amount of things you will be able to do here, between exploring Australia, which
you will have the time for, and being able to put all the theory into practice
and being able to just be at the beach in your free time, it’s an awesome
experience so I would definitely say that NYFA is a great place to come
visit for a semester and you know, just to take a break from wherever you’re

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