NY Currents Clip: Sea Grant Extends A-Z GLEEE Education on Lake Ontario (May 2019)

Sea Grant Extends A-Z GLEEE Education on Lake Ontario Eastern Lake Ontario’s wetlands, woodlands, creeks, ponds and sand dunes provide a unique habitat to several species of migratory birds and waterfowl, including sandpipers, plovers, killdeer, gulls and terns. To spread the word about Lake Ontario’s ecological assets, New York Sea Grant and the Great Lakes Education Exchange hosted the A-Z Lake Ontario Workshop Educators were offered a glimpse into the Great Lakes ecosystem, with interactive lessons ranging from Alewife to Zooplankton While exploring the eastern Lake Ontario shoreline, the educators learned more about habitat restoration and marine debris education Educators also planted native Champlain beachgrass along the lakeshore in hopes that it will help build up some protective dunes. Through GLEEE, a partnership between New York Sea Grant and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, teachers are provided with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities focused on Great Lakes Literacy Principles and stewardship. For more stories, visit nyseagrant.org/CurrentsClips

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