NUS Social Work Outreach by SSWS

all of us have our own unique stories of our time in university my story started when I decided to choose Social Work as my major upon learning about this decision my friends asked me a variety of questions what's that isn't that volunteer work do you really need to study to do social work oh they were just curious to know what social work is all about each time they do I am more than happy to tell them that social work is definitely so much more social work is a learning journey towards understanding how we can better help those in need a Social Work majors we learn various theories and approaches to better help clients of different ages and backgrounds furthermore as I went along I realized that learning in Social Work is not simply studying by the book but also gaining hands-on experience through role playing role play is an important component of our class work and really helps us to apply what we have learned in class we took turns to act as social workers and clients in various scenarios while our lecturer and classmates gave feedback this aids in our awareness of potential difficulties that we might face when we undergo a few placement during the summer break now you must be wondering what is view placement field placement is something unique that Social Work majors have to undergo as part of our cause during this placement we are assigned to different social service agencies in the field such as hospitals prisons the community and the list goes on we are required to play the role of a professional social worker to address the various needs of actual clients such as financial and emotional needs this may seem intimidating but fortunately we were each assigned a supervisor who was there to guide us and facilitate our learning experience all in all not only does few placement enable us to put classroom theories into practice and help us develop a professional selves through working of actual clients it also serves to enhance our knowledge of ourselves through self-reflection and professional supervision in social work great emphasis is placed on self-awareness as social workers it is important that we understand our values beliefs strengths and weaknesses to better help our clients for example why do i form certain judgments towards certain clients why do i feel particularly angry or sad when some clients share their life stories with me or even why do I want to study social work in the first place we want to explore it would help us to better understand ourselves as individuals and social workers having to journey through this social work cause I have to admit it is truly not an easy one thankfully I have been blessed with a tightly knit community of friends and professors who are always willing to listen and lend a helping hand without them my time in social work would not have been as rewarding enjoyable memorable and exciting many people have asked me why I chose to do social work and here's my story are you ready to embark on yours

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