Nursing Interview (2 of 4) – Literacy and Numeracy Test

next part of the day would be the literacy and numeracy test I did this actually right there beginning for the day and the literacy test tends to just be really basic so that you know so that they know that you can basically structure an essay that you have good spelling good grandma things like that so those are the things that you want to focus on you also need to make a good argument so they were the thing that we had to do our literacy test on was how do you believe that the NHS can't prevent a teenage pregnancy so and and you don't get that question before you've just got to do it on the day um but I found that the easiest part the numeracy I found more difficult but if you have a good level of GCSE maths you will be fine with the numeracy test and the things that they will ask you in the numeracy test are things like fractions and volumes like Mills into litres and grams and milligrams things like that that's the sort of thing that you'll need to know for your medication test and also multiplication and division one of the books that I would recommend for revising this if you want it is nursing calculations I don't know if you can see that the right way but this is the seventh edition I got this when I started University I'm sure there are other editions now and but the first chapter is all about a review of basic calculations and it has all the all the you know division multiplication things like that and if you can do this first chapter and if you get all the questions right you'll be fine on your nursing test because this is pretty much what it is so that's a really good book if you don't have time to order that before your interview then just go online so I've been nursing numeracy test nursing maths tests and things like that and there's there's loads of resources out there and just make sure you're revising you prepare for that

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  1. Your videos are brilliant have given me a lot of confidence. I am very weak at Maths and dreading the test if offered one…I am looking to study MSc in Adult Nursing at UCLAN. Which Uni do you go to? I will certainly purchase the book you have recommended as i am going to need all the help i can get! Will also look at bitesize videos. x

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