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plus four equals ten you know t-bird you bring those one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten balloons back I need step squad the super special see I said slide is here yes it can I'm a step score too the super-special see does this make me a double agent you passed my test with flying colors red orange yellow green and blue well done all of you all of us all of you step squats 15 you're a step squat oh and ten Yoda step squat two one two three and four six your step squat one two and three and as well I wanna be a skater I wanna be greater than the rest I'm gonna rise but I don't wanna be better than the best I'm gonna nail the tricks or the always pops kickflips trust me sooner or later I'm gonna be a skater I'm 14 I'm ten and four I'm also double seven ride an elevator shrieks escape to heaven and whenever I get into a fix in the middle of one of my brand new tricks I've got my lovely double to get me out of trouble maybe you've equals I am 50 and I am a super-special step shaped secret agent I'm a number with ambition I'm a number on a mission with the talent that you won't believe despite my size I'm a master of disguise and I've got a little trick up already to buy milk this is a job for step squad we're gonna make it never even know I was here super-secret step to remove the biscuit oh yeah now we're on our way step 3 replace the milk oh it's there for replace the biscuit how we're going to save the day five as we give you a straw Thanks you're wasting their time lucky I'm tenants [Applause] [Laughter] chapter 15 night mission gosh agent 15 year you may know me as ten and five but on the quiet I'm also 1 plus 2 Plus 3 plus 4 plus 5 that's right I'm on the top secret nighttime mission step one tidy step 2 drink cocoa step 4 get on to the bed step 5 read a nice bedtime story mission accomplished oh sorry ten I'm just so excited to show you my new trick look at this oh is that it no wait I'm not having much look what my today oh my new trick already Oh unlucky oh hi Who am I I'm one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen my fella never mind try again no I think I might be a little bit unlucky this is me ten and three expecting to run out of luck it's soldierly tapes when I get into scrapes I'm always coming and I'm the clumsiest number 13 it's happened again a 3 into 10 somebody should tell if not it's happened again I don't have the heart to be fussy or picky notice falling apart don't sting me it happened again and no one knows what did you tell them that it's happened [Applause]

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  1. Why does when someone says 13 but nothing happens but probably 13 isn't there and there not saying it on purpose

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