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on Xtreme 14 and I'm keen to show you what my lucky double 7 can do maybe you've got a lucky double to double ones mate to double twos make four double threes make 6 double 14 and whenever I get tend to a fix in the middle of one of my brand new tricks huggable of me doubles to get me trouble double set fun maybe you've got a lucky double – I wanna be a skater I wanna be greater than the rest I'm going to ride do a tail slide up on a beat better than the best I'm gonna nail all the tricks all the Kali is pops and kickflips trust me sooner or later I'm gonna be a skater 1 2 3 8 9 10 11 12 I wanna be a skater hush says plus five equals I am fifteen and I am a super-special step shaped secret agent I'm a number with ambition I'm a number on a mission with a talent that you won't believe despite my size I'm a master of disguise and I've got a little trick up my sleeve but biscuit is full ready to buy milk they seize a job for step squad we can make your problem even know I was here believe the biscuits and now we're on our way step 3 replace the milk Oh replace the biscuit we're going to save the day we give you a straw surprise surprise your days of naughtiness are numbered terrible twos oh uh clock break that is made from pure up tonight your powers are useless maybe so but I can still do this my friends will be here and they will don't be so sure let's play together hey someone's teaching equal eight octopod 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 come in number bases I'm in position and heading for the block style careful 12 the blog stars battery's running out you need to change it before the whole thing drops out of the sky and smashes into numberland oh that pre lock is no match for a super rectangle like me all teams report in switch standing by you need to turn off the force field before you could get to the battery yes six of them each has two buttons on top you need to press all the buttons together six towers two buckles each array display this switch [Applause] twelve head for that battery there's no time to lose you know t-bird you bring those one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten balloons back I need step squad the super special secret squad is here yes it can i'ma step two [Applause] does this make me a double agent you passed my test with flying colors red orange yellow green and blue well done all of you all of us all of you step squads 15 you're a step squat oh and ten your steps one two one two three and four six your step squat one two and three you're a step squad one plus two and one you fit the pattern as well

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