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ten and ten and look at that hey what am i oh a rectangle with a hole come on then I'm ten and two today's the day for an array display I can make you raise all day I make arrays in many ways stand back and if you're not following that right away it's cold up here keep going everybody we're near the top of beauty Mountain if we're really lucky we might spot the legendary big dumb big hairy monster with a big hairy Thome who loves puzzles don't be silly seven weight is one of us missing it was me I was nine and victim gobbled up some of my books next I'll show you the long gallery keep up everyone making friends is fun oh let's make three next I wish you could make Oh my turn my turn to Lots please 2.50 two plus two equals four I'm four I'm Tula fifteen the terrible twos the magic mirror is even more magical than we thought well the others will want to see this keep an eye on it while I'm away and don't mess around with it all right my turn once it not – oh go on it's only fair – Lots please is six number six is on the floor don't be shy let's have some more good idea three Lots please is nine my I can stop the train I am square war let's stop the Train break I can stop the train so here to try again – stop the train so here again no one may enter but maybe two – Behar one to two parts which way should I go you go left I'll go right not alive rubber the worst kind we'll have to tread carefully one two one two one two which way through here we need someone stronger someone bigger double up Q plus T equals hmm why are boulders never squared four sided shapes introduce yourselves parallelograms who are you I'm a pentagon with five sides let's have a hexagon in the mix count my sides and you'll find six I've got seven sides heptagon a heptagon pentagon the six sides hexagons the seven sides heptagon wonderful names and what would the four shapes squarey you're ready to get home hey have no fear octagon is here one two three four five six seven eight eight sides I will get you home octagon make an eight-sided flying boxes one two three four five six seven eight hold tight folks here we go goodbye new friends only me again and your you if we went to flatland and triangles within and a rectangle and a petticoat it was a real [Applause]

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