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done one one bird one one tree 1 1 and 1 1 Sun in the sky one boat one whale swimming mines one surface I'm the first in line you can count on me hello if I'm the only one it might not be much fun a symbol thicker but I'm number one and I'm winning I'm only at the beginning I could be the start of something maybe I could be part of one bet one full one bucks one punch one gate one goal one loose one whole one one shoe what's missing this time Joe will know one two one two look what I found watch one two grunting want to try yours on No – these are for you they belong together like friends like friends one two two socks and one shoe two shoes my very own pair of shoes one two one two hey these are dancing shoes one two one two one two one two one two one two one two one two everything is better live to the two of us together just me and you imagine all the crazy things we can do with two to one to one to one to one to live – you can Don cities step with one you can do the whole with two you can learn a new step and be spun right round like a spinning Joe – you can ride a tandem but you haven't seen anything – you can sing I like what I see take it away 3 3 minus 1 equals to my audience that's better ready 1 2 3 1 2 3 everybody look at me I'm here to entertain you with this funky melody Al Jolson evil number 3 is here I'm in tic-tac-toe I'm in Ready Steady Go you're gonna have to count to three to get a room be hiding everywhere you look in a fairy tale a picture book one two three can't you see I'm in three blind mice three wishes would be nice you should try and try and try again that's my advice Goldilocks came across three beds one two three bulls one two three everybody look at me I'm here to entertain you with this funky melody disappear three meals a day three sections in a play beginning middle way everybody better get three to three bowls up in the air one two three four sometimes they jack up their food two three the juggling balls can be your guide to be thin and tall I can be long I can be shaped like the letter L but the best shape our own is stout unstrung what shape is this can you tell I like to be square I like to see square things everywhere anywhere it has everywhere anywhere the square square square square square square 2 3 4 5 5 points a star is born I don't know about that look how fine for you get this party started to the side up above down low time for some tricks 6 – 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 spots is full of tricks it's got 6 faces ring – 6 it's called a die it's called a dice dice dice games are nice what's it for let me explain what you know ma let's play and this game goes like this when you see your number make the shape one two two spots on the dice take the shape one two three three spots on the dice one two three four four spots on the dice one two three four five five spots on the day make the shake one two three four five six six spots up the dice make the shape I'm number six and I've got game when we're my lane you'll be glad you came so take your chance take my advice to a little dancin play the dice I'm number six I'm in the mix good times I might go that's how I roll I'm lucky number seven and as you might have guessed I always win the raffle with seven on your side you're seven less in a pickle you're in luck I'll help you out when you get stuck and if you stick with seven rainbow time my first block is the same as you orange my second block is the same as two yellow with third block is just like number three my fourth is green as you can see blue survived Vindico four six violet his first seven oh let's see I've got seven rainbow colored blocks that makes me unique I got seven pairs of pants and socks for each day of the week Friday one two three four five six seven I've got seven golden tickets one two three four five six seven nothing's gonna stop me you're my traffic lights run go lucky number seven I'd like to chance my arm in turkey situations there's really no reason for alarm I take problems in my strife I've got fortune on my side and lucky number seven I'll be your lucky charm Oh seven hello one how lucky am I to see you I've got something I want to show you so hi can you hop let me see oh three blocks not bad have another go hmm five blocks fantastic oh do it again I feel like something lucky will happen one two three five six seven are they legs let me see whatever they are I like them anybody here oh who are you I'm eight and I'm another eight [Applause] told you that was a lucky hop hey there you're very good at waving that's not all I can do who are you I'm eight but you can call me one two three four five six seven eight hello guess what what I'm a square I know like the only square in the world yes I want young me square in the world have no fear octo block is here rearrange to rearrange how's this you're a square with it that doesn't really came oh I'm sorry for nine I am nine and I feel fine big squares anyone got a head key a bit of a tickly nose yes one two three four four sides like me one two three four four quarters yes I'm a square like you so why do you have a number nine on top silly I'll show you one two three three Block C my first breath 1 2 3 3 blocks in my 2nd one two three three blocks in my third row three rows of three three rows combined as you can see three rows of three make nine one two three four five six seven eight nine one smaller I always get one smaller every time I sneeze I get one smaller see why can't I ever get one bigger say it again minus 1 equals noise you're amazing one bigger you're one bigger why do you have a one on top if you're wondering why there's a one on top you'll know the answer when you realize a lovely block on one big perfect climate and look I'm a ten look you might think we're different think again we're more alike than you suppose your would work and by ten ones which means one two three four five six seven eight nine ten – is made of two blocks I'll always be your friend three will entertain you up what you can't depend fine to ones and I'm three ones and I turn once which means [Applause]

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