NSW Department of Education Disability Strategy overview

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Lisa Alonso Love and I’m the Executive Director
for Learning and Wellbeing in the Department of Education. – I’m Liana Downey and I’m
the Acting Deputy Secretary of Delivery and Strategy for
the Department of Education. I want to share with you
our disability strategy. Why we developed it, what it aspires to and the areas that are our focus. We are committed to providing
children and young people with an inclusive education
system that meets their needs. But the landscape is changing. Demand for disability support is growing at four times the rate
of enrollment growth and the mix is changing
too, with an increase in the prevalence of autism
and mental health needs. – Our supply of teachers with disability training has not been meeting demand. From talking to parents and carers of students with disability, we know that their
experiences vary widely. Some are having a great
experience with our school system. Others, not so much. – The parliamentary inquiry in 2016 brought up many of these issues. It was clear we needed more
than responses to an inquiry. We needed a whole-of-system approach. We needed a disability strategy. In consultation with
teachers, families, carers, other education experts and stakeholders, we created a strategy to help
us build an education system in which all children thrive academically, develop good physical,
mental and emotional health, and gain the skills to live a fulfilling, independent life post school. – The strategy outlines four
areas crucial to the reform. If we make the most of
these opportunities, we will be well on our
way to improving outcomes and experiences for all
students in New South Wales. We will strengthen support by investing in teachers and other support staff. We will increase resources
and flexibility for schools. We will improve and streamline
the family experience and we will track our outcomes by building an evidence base to measure our progress. We’re already hard at work at implementing the strategy, but it will take some time. – We need as many people with us on this journey as possible. If you haven’t already,
please go to the department’s website and click on the
disability strategy quick link to access the strategy
and supporting resources. – And finally, please
share your stories with us at [email protected] Thank you.
– Thank you.

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