Now over 15,000 kids have easier access to an education – Griffith alumnus Chris Eigeland

In my eyes, education is the be all and end all If you solve the education challenge around
equalising access to education around the world, then many many if not all other global
challenges will be solved along the way. There are a number of factors that are contributing
to a growing disparity in education opportunities in Vietnam. Access to teachers and quality teacher training,
access to resources, both school supplies and learning resources, and then finally a
restricted opportunity due to the expense of continuing future study. The Schoolbag program is about giving students
the choice and giving them the option to choose a career that suits them. After launching the program in Haiti and noticing
an increase in school engagement, we noticed similar challenges were being faced in other
areas. We decide what goes in the bags based on both
practical and creative factors. Items to get students through a year of schooling. We developed workshops to run alongside the
school supply distribution in an effort to motivate and encourage students to start and
ultimately continue their English studies, so they can further their education. We were surprised that the students began
personalising them, turning them into an item which they were proud to carry around. It’s fantastic to see that it’s grown not
only across the world, but it’s grown into a sustainable solution of students helping
other students grow and learn. It’s kind of surreal, to be honest. I didn’t
expect any of this when I started when it started. Honestly, it’s pretty special to see something that you built take on a life of its own. And take on new leadership and new ideas and
evolve into a program that’s beyond your original scope for it and to see that continue. Yeah, it’s pretty incredible.

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