NOTHING Else Matters Before November But This, Education.

hello American patriots Douglas Dakota here the founder and CEO of veterans United for justice veteran law enforcement officer retired the US Army and the co-host of real world Witness radio show right around the corner six days from today will be the November elections probably the most important elections in your lifetime as an American patriot I could talk about all the reasons why we need to make sure it is a red tsunami come the elections and that we vote Republicans I could talk about all the things that are wrong with the Democrat Party and what America will become in the event that the Democrats were to win back the house or the House and the Senate things will change drastically if the Democrats do take back the House and Senate we're left with just a few options number one we take to the streets and we physically take our country back and we help support President Trump because he's going to need it or we waive the right white flag and we basically just surrender and surrender our rights over to a far left liberal ideology and that is not acceptable not in my playbook at least instead of talking about all the individual things I want to talk about the number one reason why we need to vote Republican and to those of you that are Republicans I'm not necessarily addressing this video to you per se as I'm asking you to share this video on all of your social media sites but especially share it with any friends that you have that are black and any friends that you have that are black and vote correct and then any friends that you have that are blocked and vote Republican ask them to listen to this video show it to them ask them what they think about what I have to say ask them if what I'm saying is correct my friends this is the most important video that I've ever put out as we're right here six days before the election I'm going to tell you the facts about the Democrat Party facts that you can ask other conservative and Republican bloc people and you can google it and see it as well now I expect that this video will be unmonitored by YouTube it's owned by Google and they do not want these facts out there and they will do everything they can to suppress my voice as they are doing other conservatives that are sharing similar videos I'm going to talk to you about why the Democrat Party is the true racist here in America hands down no BS political correctness it's out the window at this point we're gonna go with straight hardcore facts before I do that let me explain to you this and a lot of you don't know this I used to be a Democrat I was raised by a family of Democrats one of my cousins was a Democrat governor of the state of Louisiana we all voted Democrat that's just the way it was we didn't ask questions we just did it sadly as many people do today my next-door neighbor for a period of time of about four years when I was during my teen years was the Duke family that would be David Duke as in the Imperial wizard of the KKK I know all about the Democrats and their hate for african-americans black people anyone of a color other than white they even hate the Jewish people you notice you don't see after this mass shooting at the Son of God a few days ago you don't see anything from the Democrats about banning ar-15s isn't that a shocker the guy used one but he killed Jewish people and they're not saying anything they're all up in arms every time an ar-15 is used but do you hear I'm saying that now no I'm going to talk about the real white supremacists and block supremacist basically those that don't mind keeping themselves oppressed in this country give me one second to swallow a sip of water I've been saying for a long time that the Democrats are racist but now let's just get straight to the facts if you don't know who Robert Byrd was and that's B y r-d Robert Byrd look him up he was a very high important member of the Klu Klux Klan he was a racist he also went on to serve as a politician he has now passed away Hillary Clinton wrote in her book that he was one of her mentors that's right the Hillary Clinton that lost the presidency is referring to Robert Byrd a former member of the KKK as one of her mentors this same Robert Byrd at his funeral yes who gave the eulogy that would be our first african-american president that would be Barack Obama and at that funeral was every black leader the Democrat Party has side by side saying their final farewells to a racist bigot Robert Byrd couldn't make it up of a tribe folks google him and Hillary Clinton look at the photographs of the two of them together throughout history and their kiss how much she embraced him if that's not enough to prove to you what type of hatred they have for black people let me share this with you yesterday Hillary Clinton was giving an interview during the interview the interviewer asked her what she thought of Eric Holder making the comment that they should start kicking Republicans basically physical violence but the interviewer mixed up Eric Holder with cory booker cory booker and eric holder are both what black men so instead of telling you about what she said let's just listen to what she said other person with you know different religious beliefs or whatever you know that is that's childish what do you think of cory booker's an agent then she blames the gnomes and then the host does what blames it on Trump is that's something he tweeted out when referring to Eric Holder and Cory Booker she said they both looked alike imagine if Trump had said that or any Republican had said those exact same words the left would be steaming right now folks let's move on past races Hillary Clinton let's talk about the KKK itself who founded the KKK anybody it was the Democrat Party why to keep black people suppressed to keep them from moving up in life after slavery ended who was against freeing the slaves and fault against Abraham Lincoln with every vote that would be the Democrat Party who voted to free the slaves that would be the Republican Party and then the Democrats continued to fight to keep black people down to keep them from voting to keep them from owning businesses to keep them from getting out of property or doing anything with their life it was the Democrat Party that is responsible for where we're at today 2018 with african-americans throughout our country in major cities that are going to hell on a handbasket you look at every major city in America where the crime rate with the black on black crime is it epidemic and it's run by who a Democrat you look at the history of Planned Parenthood and how it came to be actually do your homework folks it was to kill black babies and to this day and 2018 which babies are aborted the most in America and it's always been this way from the beginning black babies folks the Democrat Party is nothing more than racist bigots on display for all to see and educate themselves yet time and time again black people side with the Democrats during election and they vote Democrat that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that is only because those that are voting Democrat or uneducated and do not have a not even a fraction of history behind them I'll go back to what I said in the beginning of this video share this with your black Democrat friends your black liberal friends your white Democrat and white liberal friends let them hear this and hopefully they will do their own homework on what I'm saying and realize that they've been duped by the Democrat Party then share it with your black Republicans and black conservative friends and hear what they have to say about what I just told you so in six days if for no other reason whatsoever a vote for the Democrats is a vote to support the KKK it is a vote to continue to make major cities across America crime ridden drug crack house cities and keep them that way that is what they've always done this is nothing new what's new is people like me that used to be a Democrat stepping up and educating those that do not know any different folks November elections are very critical you must spread this video tell your friends to vote explain to them why we have to continue to hold the house in the Senate this is the most factual straightforward honest video that I could possibly do about the November elections and of all the things I could have chose to talk about and there's literally hundreds of them as to why you do not want to vote Democrats to take back the house or House and Senate this is the number one reason because we need racism and America to stop and the only way you're going to do that is an American is to vote Democrats out of office and I promise you mark my words you will see all across our nation African Americans coming out of poverty the crime rate going down and you already see what our president has done for the unemployment rate for African Americans for the first time in the history of America today African Americans have more chances and opportunities than ever before and their unemployment across the nation is at an all-time record low please hit the little bell and subscribe to my videos so you know when they're out in the bottom section of this video you know where you can follow me on the different social media platforms on Facebook and on Twitter as always please say a prayer for our men and women serving the United States military our veterans our law-enforcement officers our first responders our president our country and pray that we all come together at the November elections and stop racism by voting out the Democrats hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day for now I'm Douglas decotis and I'm out

36 thoughts on “NOTHING Else Matters Before November But This, Education.”

  1. All I know is I'm not ever following anyone and this wicked, corrupt, vile world order system can disintegrate for all I care. I love my country and those who honor their affirmed, sworn oaths and the Constitution. We are a nation of laws and I will uphold that value. I have the six of my fellow veterans and I will use my skills to reinforce those brothers and sisters who are like minded. Every person who loves this country and our way of life, I strongly caution to stay prepared for shtf at all times!!! That's all I have to say about that. Oh and thank you for your service!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Douglas, I've recently started listening to you and really enjoy you
    I have an issue I would like to write to you about in private having to do with a Retired Marine. Would you please allow me to email you about this issue. Sincerely Teresa Mcbrayer

  3. Per AP news, Gavin Newsom is leading John Cox 51.9 to 48% in California. Like many Conservatives and Libertarians, I will be leaving in a few years. California will become a permanent 2nd World Hell Hole of the Upper and Lower Class only. #PrayForTheSenateToVoteAgainstImpeachment🇺🇸🦅🇮🇱✝️✡️🕍🙏

  4. Please pray and VOTE RED!! Please dear God help our country. God Bless you Mr. Ducote!🔴🇺🇸👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Hi Mr Ducote St I’ve been spreading the word here in South Carolina about the voting tomorrow….out of everyone I’ve talked to 90% said they are voting republican….the ones voting for the democrats don’t watch tv they don’t know WTH is going on in our country…their so used to getting those checks every month with their food stamps and I swear Douglas I think that’s all they worry about…I told them the democrats started the KKK and the blacks I talked to wave their stars and bars proudly the same way I do but the KKK has tried to take our flag and make it a symbol of their hate filled groups…just like the fags has taken over Gods own promise never to flood the earth again and that is the rainbow…anything ungodly they use it…and I know Robert Byrd of West Virginia but he’s just another bad apple in a barrel of good apples in West Virginia….I never voted for Byrd nor would I….I live in South Carolina for 5 years now and I’m gonna do my best to get all the people that’ll fit in my truck and that would be 7 people at a time…see the democrats can say and do whatever they want and then tell you it’s a joke….well Mr Ducote Sr tomorrow is the big day and we’ll keep BOTH the house and the senate……

  6. better yet ask anyone that thinks the right is racist, tell them to google what party was against slavery and watch what pops up

  7. douglas! im a black man and i can honestly tell you im ahead of what is going on and believe it or not alot of black people i know (not all of them) but alot of us are waking up

  8. And the first reason or cause blacks were allowed to vote was FDR's New Deal. It promised African Americans welfare Medicaid food stamps etc. FDR was a Democrat. Later Democrat President having no choice because the civil rights bill in part said and I'm paraphrasing make all the babies you want we'll take care of them even if theres no father around. So, in a sense the Democrats held on to their slaves with their plantation politics by in a sense saying dont worry about a job or getting pregnant out of wedlock we will take care of you or to be more blunt Dont worry master will take good care of you just as long as you vote for Democrats. It was disgusting then and it's disgusting now but the sad part is there are families going back 4 or 5 generations that think it's fine if all they want me to do is vote for them.

    I gained what I wrote here from following Dinesh Dsousa. He is a prolific writer and speaker of the likes I've never seen.

  9. Spread the word, Brother! Thank you for your service to our great nation. You tell the absolute truth, I am your witness. Sic Semper Tyrannis

  10. Douglas M. Ducote Sr. ,,,, I'm 52 years old , born an raised in Baton Rouge, I'm a Whiteman and Republican , I know many people in BR I have many friends black and white, well I did have some black men that I thought were my pals and some I went to school with played football with and later on a few became my fishing buddys, ,, for 2 years now the black men I thought were my friends have not spoke a word to me and if I see one of them in a store or someplace they will make it a point to walk the other way nose up in the air, and what I don't get its the men that's my age , give or take a few years, the one's I thought would have more damn since than that, but for 8 years of Obama I didn't complain went on with my everyday life nothing changed with anyone, I don't get it, its like they are brainwashed into believing everything they see and hear on tv. But and its just me but if I had been Democrat and my only option was to vote for a woman, well that alone is a good enough reason for me to switch to Republican, So when I think about the men that did vote for Hillary well I tend to question their manhood, maybe they still harboring mommy issues, they need a woman in charge of their life ,its really weird,,, well I still have bro -codes I keep.

  11. If people vote Democrat they are giving the country away, to the socialist, and it will be lost forever, that means no more freedom of speech and freedom to do what you want with your money

  12. Can you also talk a bit about what is wrong with your republican party , i mean, just for the sake ok balance and objectivity? Could you ?? Could you?

  13. Check out how many blacks were at the Obama rally in FL !!! If they are that stupid, racist, and ignorant, then I almost wish I voted for Killary….this must be the lifestyle and abuse that they prefer.

  14. Just watched your video with your response to the shooting in the synagogue. Thought, ok this guy sounds reasonable. Maybe someone I can listen too, like many I share views with both sides. Then I hear this one. Your "facts" are pretty amazing. Spewing the very hate you supposedly cant take. Pulling various examples from history and then make some pretty huge assumptions and assertions. But then ignore the statements and actions of the Republican party right now. Voter suppression, purging of voter rolls and all the other hurdles placed in voters way. C'mon man

  15. I am praying nightly that the election goes in our favor again. It's absolutely critical that we win! I worry so much about our country and what kind of country it will be for my children and grandchildren. It truly scares me. EVERY REPUBLICAN NEEDS TO VOTE AND WE ALL NEED TO PRAY!!!! Our nation depends on this!

  16. So you're saying physically harm other Americans that don't vote your way nor agree with you? Once again you give Don Lemons words validation. 71% of White radical males are responsible for DOMESTIC TERRORISM. IM NIT A REPUBLICAN NOR AM I A DEMOCRAT. I AM FOR THE BEST MAN OR WOMAN THAT IS NOT CORRUPT ( UNLIKE YOUR PRESIDENT) THAT CAN GET THE JOB DONE. But so far I've seen nothing on the left or right. You would put this country in the hands of a man that bowed down to Russia? You make no sense whatsoever. Power belongs to the people. And those that are in office now refuse to there jobs that WE THE PEOPLE have elected them to do. As for your KKK thing, both the REPUBLICANS N DEMOCRATS are part if that problem. White on White crime is just as high as black on black crime. If you doubt me look it up or Google is your bestfriend. Whites kill police officers just as much as any other race. So this rhetoric you are spewing is dangerous. As you stated earlier in your video "If the Democrats win the House &the Senate, WE NEES TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK BY FORCE!". So my question to you is what make you better than the left? You say they are preaching hate. Isn't that what your doing? Do you HYPOCRITE much??????? You're no better than the Left.

  17. If the Dem's don't get in power this election they will eventually. Then the change will happen…
    It's inevitable.

  18. Better listen to this man, he's kicking some serious knowledge. He's speaking history and an abundance of truth!

  19. In his last autobiography, Byrd explained that he was a KKK member because he "was sorely afflicted with tunnel vision—a jejune and immature outlook—seeing only what I wanted to see because I thought the Klan could provide an outlet for my talents and ambitions." Byrd also said in 2005, "I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don't mind apologizing over and over again. I can't erase what happened."
    Please stop trying to find small, insignificant detail to support your weak argument.

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