Nonprofits to Know™: Page Education Foundation

[MUSIC] Justice: When I first started playing football, I noticed
this conflict between academics and athletics. And over time, I came to the conclusion that
the problem really wasn’t an athletic problem. It was an academic problem. At the time I found out I
was going to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, my wife Diane and I decided that this was the time for
us to take some action to do what we could to try to create hope in young people, that
their futures could be better than the present. And we came up with the idea of starting the Page
Education Foundation with the goal of encouraging, assisting, and motivating young men and women of color to pursue their education beyond high school. And so we thought we could create a foundation that would pull people
along and give them hope for a better future. We came up with the idea that we would
do that in two ways. One, by providing financial assistance. But the second way,
and the more important thing that we do, is that we require our grant recipients—we call them page scholars— we require our page scholars to go back into
the community where they come from, go back into the community where they are going to school to work with young children kindergarten through eighth
grade, specifically in the area of education. Lavasia: I love how this scholarship not only of course gives
to the student and allows them to go to college. It also gives the student a chance to give back. So it’s
kind of like a pay it forward type of scholarship. Abdul: I’ve been extremely impacted by mentors and I’ve tried to
be a valuable mentor to other people. And it’s something that not only will continue in my professional
life and will continue to develop in that way, but also personally. And I think that it’s something that for me
I will never lose and I’ll never not have mentors. And I think that I’ll always have some
other people that are hopefully impacted and benefitting from my leadership as well. Lavasia: You know, I think we go about our day-to-day lives trying
to figure out why we’re here on earth, what’s our purpose. And because of this, I know that if I was to
die today or tomorrow, I’ve made an impact on at least one child’s life that even if I’m not here, the
next generation will be able to continue to pay it forward with the different community service or whether they go to college. And I feel like what it’s meant to me is
basically given me a sole sense of purpose. Justice: The fact is that as a judge I see a lot
of young people who engage in antisocial behavior. Some of those young people simply have no moral
compass. But for many of them, indeed I suspect the majority of them, they
have a lack of hope. And so to the extent that the Page Education
Foundation and page scholars can create hope, we can make the world better not only for ourselves,
but for all of those around us also. [Music] [Captioning provided by]

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