Nonprofit Management & Education Career Community

I’m Kathleen Rause. I’m the Internship
Coordinator at SuccessWorks, and I also advise the Nonprofit and Education
career community. One of the biggest things that I talk with students about
who say “I’m interested in Nonprofits” is are you interested in working for a
not-for-profit company just because of your values or some interest? Or are you
interested in a certain cause or advocacy issue that you want to work in
that space, and so I, you know, those are kind of two different ways to be
exploring the world of nonprofits. The education side of my career community is
kind of for folks who are not in the School of Education, did not get
an undergrad education degree but are interested in education in some way,
shape, or form. What we see a lot of is folks who are interested in, you know,
teaching English as a second language, teaching abroad, Teach for America. But
also it can be folks who are interested in working in higher education, so not
necessarily teaching, but working in an education space. If you are interested in
Nonprofit and Education, I’d love to meet with you and and talk to you about your
interests. If I can help in any way, help you achieve a goal, that feels great to

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