No Small Matter | TRAILER for the game-changing documentary on early learning

ALISON GOPNIK: Babies in the beginnings of humanity grew up in these very rich extended families. So, in that kind of context, caring for children,
teaching them, just getting the work done that you need – they all take place at the
same time. And of course the world that we live in now
is a very very different world from that. ROBERT DUGGER: We have a society in which moms and dads both have to work to even support a family at all. The central problem is that the ability to
provide that nurturing attention early in life is less than ever before. “Good job.” “Minimum wage just isn’t cutting paying the
bills.” “We couldn’t afford to put him in preschool. Donny’s with him all day, and I’m with him
all night.” RHIAN ALLVIN: This notion of the American dream, that is fundamentally not happening. “Because of the fact that it took us that much
to get her here, that putting her life in someone else’s hands means so much.” “One year’s old. Can’t say anything, he doesn’t sit up, he
doesn’t walk.” NADINE BURKE-HARRIS: When those markers are set in childhood they impact the way our bodies work for the rest of our lives. GEOFFREY CANADA: These are our children, our families in this country. Ignoring this and just going on as if it’s
going to correct itself, that’s a disaster for us as a society. “This is not the way it’s supposed to be.” We have a deeper understanding now of how
important these early years are, and why. KATHY HIRSH-PASEK: We’re unlocking the secrets of the brain – first time in history! We never had a way to look into a baby’s brain
before. PAT KUHL: What’s going on up there is rocket science. MATTHEW MELMED: Babies’ early experiences create the foundation for all that follows. “I want to be their Miss Honey. I want to be the one that’s like ‘you can
do anything!'” They are doing the work that will really fundamentally
make a difference for the outcomes of these young children. “Oh my god we found a baby egg!” “This is amazing!” ARTHUR ROLNICK: We need leaders in every community to step up and say “Every child should have access to high quality early education.” MYRA JONES-TAYLOR: If we get this right, our country will look dramatically different. Whatever we want to call it — childcare,
preschool, home, we have to do it everywhere.

12 thoughts on “No Small Matter | TRAILER for the game-changing documentary on early learning”

  1. No Small Matter had its' Vermont premiere last night and it is amazing. Thank you to the Permanent Fund for Vermont's children

  2. Beware. This is a set up for outcomes-based contracting and vast expansion of data collection and predictive analytics on young children and their families for the purposes of social impact investing. Please read this to the end were former CA governor Jerry Brown expresses serious concern.

  3. More on the Heckman Equation and speculative investments in human capital that have are being pitched globally by tech and venture capital interests:

  4. YES BUT ….. much more emphasis on "childhood" (PLAY) and much less on "education" (curriculum and assessment) . Children need high quality intentional care, not "goal oriented" institutional care. Yes, let's "get this right". I will be at our area showing.

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