NLM Resources for Nurses: Patient Education

Patient Education is an essential responsibility in nursing. At the National Library of Medicine, we create free, reliable resources that can be shared with your patients and their families to increase knowledge and improve patient outcomes. Our diverse resources can be used to teach about diseases, disorders, conditions and treatments. Our MedlinePlus patient health website contains close to a thousand health topics, information on drugs and supplements, videos and tools, a medical encyclopedia, latest health news, health information in multiple languages, and more. MedlinePlus also links to, our registry of over one hundred thousand completed and ongoing clinical studies on a wide range of diseases and conditions. Genetics Home Reference contains patient friendly information about genetic conditions and the effects of genetic variations on human health. NIH SeniorHealth, created especially to meet the needs and health interests of older adults, features health topics, exercise stories, and videos. NLM also produces information resources on special topics such as environmental health and toxicology, chemical and drug information, and HIV/AIDS. The ToxNet databases include LactMed,
ToxMap, Household Products Database, Haz-Map and more. The LactMed database has information on drugs and chemicals that may affect breastfeeding mothers. ToxMap allows users to create and view maps identifying locations where toxic chemicals have been released into the environment. The Household Products Database has
information on potential health effects of chemicals in common household products. Haz-Map provides information about the adverse effects of workplace exposures to chemical and biological agents. AIDSource offers access to HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines, multimedia, news sources and more. With so many free resources available, the
National Library of Medicine can give you the tools to make a positive impact on the
health of your patients and their families. The National Library of Medicine the world's largest medical library.

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