Nithyananda Gurukul vs Macaulay’s Education System

My Gurukul is 100% free. Food, stay, education everything is free because
Sadashiva says Guru is supposed to beg and feed the disciples. I said i may beg physically or in the internet
but I will beg and feed my dicsples.My gurukul is 100% free.Not only i am teaching them english
maths science , I am teaching them true history.I am teaching them the real powers and possibilities
they can manifest. I am teaching Life! Only thing i am not doing the stupid thing
which you guys has designed for generalized way. Understand,all generalization creates more
blindspots. When there is a google earth available google
map is available why will I make them memorize the capital of all the countries and states? Macaulay’s time it was not there so you have
to memorize ,capital of India is Delhi and capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai all you have
to memorize. Now there’s a google earth and google map,just
google it that’s all . They need to be taught Google-ing. I am only removing all those stupid blindspots
became part of the education because of the generalization, understand all generalization
is faulty generalization. All generalization is faulty generalization. Jealousy , comparison is the byproduct of
the faulty generalization.It is utter stupidity to give marks to human beings.Utter stupidity
to give marks to human being.It is like a I saw a memes on facebook,there’s is a fish
in a pot and there’s a monkey there’s a elephant there’s a zebra there’s a snake there’s a
crocodile there’s a tiger and the educationist says “to have a fair game we will have a examination,who
climbs this tree fast” that is what i called faulty generalization,what will happen to
the fish? If it comes out of the water to climb that
tree.All generalization is faulty generalization.Understand what i am trying to convey i will give you
the essence,media wants me to do the charity of what they think as best.I am doing the
charity of what is best.If you think food is the best thing happened in your life you
can do just annadhan.If you think education is the best thing happened in your life you
share that with the world,that’s your charity. If you think clothes are the best thing happened
to your life you share the clothes,vastradhana,thats your charity.If you think enlightenment and
spiritual powers are the best thing happened in your life you share that with the world,that’s
all I am doing.

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